3 String Guitar Reviews: The Best Options

In this post, we will be talking about the 3 string guitar.

Guitars are a popular choice for many musicians, and there are a variety of different types to choose from.

One popular option is the 3-string guitar.

These guitars typically have 3 fewer strings than their 6-string counterparts, making them more affordable and easier to learn.

They are also popular among kids, as they are less daunting to learn than a 6-string guitar.

For beginners, 3-string guitars can be a great way to get started on the instrument.

Types of 3 String Guitars

There are two main types of 3 string guitars that we will discuss.

Cigar Box Guitars

A cigar box guitar is a type of 3-stringed acoustic guitar that gets its name from the fact that it is typically made out of an empty cigar box.

These guitars were historically popular among poor and working-class people who could not afford a traditional guitar.

Today, cigar box guitars are seeing a resurgence in popularity due to their unique sound and rustic charm.

These instruments can be played just like a regular guitar, and can be tuned to a variety of different musical styles.

3 String Acoustic Kids Guitar

The 3-string guitar is a type of acoustic guitar that has three strings instead of the usual six.

These guitars are typically smaller and easier to play than their six-string counterparts, making them a great choice for children or beginners.

While three-string guitars may not have the same range as a standard acoustic guitar, they can still be used to play a variety of music styles.

Let’s look at some of the best 3-string guitars currently available.

Best String Cigar Box Guitar

Hinkler 3 String Electric Blues Box Slide Guitar Kit

3 string wooden cigar box guitar If you want to read up more on Cigar Box Guitars, you can head on over to our post on them right here: Best Cigar Box Guitars.

For this article, we will just focus on one of the Cigar Box Guitars that we featured.

This is a fun and very affordable kit by Hinkler.

This 3-string cigar box guitar is already assembled and ready to be played.

You will also receive the instructional book “You Can Play Blues Box Slide Guitar.”  

This neat book contains the history of the cigar box guitar, how to assemble and tune it, and slide techniques.

A play along with CD also is included in this kit so you will be playing in no time.

There are picks up inside of this so you can plug it into an amp. 

You can also play this acoustically but it’s more fun when amplified.

The three strings are in open G tuning and has no frets on the neck.

With the slide and high action, this is meant to be played with the glass slide that it comes with.

Hinker’s Cigar Box Guitar is super lightweight and comfortable to play.

With a short-scale neck, you don’t have to move your arm that much to move a fair distance. 

Think of this as a lap slide guitar that instead, you can play like a regular guitar.

This is NOT a three-stringed version of a 6 string guitar that’s fretted.

If you love slide guitar and love the blues then this is the kit for you.



  • Already assembled and ready to play.
  • Includes play-along CD with over 20 tracks.
  • Comes with a glass slide.
  • Amp ready.
  • Comes with strings.
  • Pick-up included.



  • Meant for slide guitar.
  • High action.
  • Fretless neck.

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Best Acoustic Guitar


The Loog Pro acoustic guitar is the perfect instrument for kids and beginners of all ages.

With its slim 3-string neck, it’s easy to form chords and play songs – even for little kids.

And because the Loog Pro uses the first three strings of a guitar, everything you learn on a Loog can be applied to a 6-string guitar as well.

This fully-assembled guitar features a new bridge, neck, and pickguard, and comes equipped with steel strings for a richer sound.

Plus, the included flashcards make it easy to learn chords and get started playing right away.

The free Loog app makes it easy to tune your guitar and learn to play songs by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars, and more.

So whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a new musical challenge, the Loog Pro is the perfect guitar for you.



  • 3-string neck is easy to form chords on
  • Perfect for kids and beginners of all ages
  • Usable with a regular six-string guitar
  • Steel strings for richer sound
  • Comes with flashcards to help learn chords
  • Free Loog app makes it easy to tune your guitar and learn songs from popular artists.



  • Not as versatile as a regular six-string guitar.

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Donner Kids Guitar 3 String Acoustic Guitar 

Introducing the Donner Kids Guitar three-string Acoustic Guitar!

This is a super simple little guitar that is perfect for the younger player.

It is made of solid wood and is light and durable with reliable quality.

The product’s shape and structure and overall appearance are more harmonious, making it more comfortable for children’s hands to play with.

It comes with a book, flashcards, gig bag, strap, tuner, and strings.

The donner music app provides a series of free lessons with a large number of songs, which can greatly cultivate children’s interest in music.

With the free Donner music app, your little one can access a series of free lessons and songs to help cultivate their interest in music.



  • Neck is easy to form chords on.
  • Perfect for kids and beginners of all ages.
  • Usable with a regular six-string guitar.
  • Steel strings for richer sound.
  • Comes with flashcards to help learn chords.
  • Free Loog app makes it easy to tune your guitar and learn songs from popular artists.



  • Not as versatile as a regular six-string guitar

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Best Unique 3 string guitar

Roosebeck DMTSL3 Lacewood 3-String Trail Dulcimer 25.75-Inch

The cool thing about stringed instruments is you stumble upon something unique like a Dulcimer.

This unique instrument has the rich sound.

At times you can almost hear the hint of a banjo!

The body style of the Trail Dulcimer allows it to be played like a guitar, making it very versatile.

With a spruce soundboard over a carved lacewood body, the Trail Dulcimer produces a lot of volume for such a compact instrument.

It has three string courses: a wound string at the top, a plain center string, and a plain string at the bottom.

This Dulcimer is an easy-to-play string instrument that is perfect for beginners or those who want to take their music on the go.

The dulcimer only weighs less than 1 lb. and comes with a Sheesham fingerboard and 6 1/2 fret that makes playing in Ionian mode a breeze.

The intricate laser-cut sound hole also adds a touch of elegance to the dulcimer’s design.

It’s perfect for any musician looking for a portable, affordable, and great-sounding instrument.



  • Rich sound of a mountain dulcimer with a hint of banjo twang.
  • Body style allows it to be played like a guitar, making it very versatile.
  • Spruce soundboard over a carved lacewood body produces a lot of volume for such a compact instrument.
  • Three string courses: wound string at the top, plain center string, and plain string at the bottom.
  • Perfect for beginners or those who want to take their music on the go.
  • Lightweight.



  • Laser-cut sound holes might be delicate and require extra care when handling the instrument.

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Buyers Guide

What are the benefits of playing a 3 string guitar?

The 3-string guitar is a popular choice for both beginners and experienced guitarists.

While it may seem like a simple instrument, this guitar offers a unique range of benefits.

For starters, it is much easier to learn than a traditional 6-string guitar.

This makes it an ideal choice for beginners who are just starting to learn how to play.

In addition, the 3-string guitar is much lighter and more portable than its 6-string counterpart.

This makes it an ideal choice for travelers or anyone who wants to take their instrument on the go.

Finally, this guitar produces a unique sound that can be both soothing and energizing.

Can a 3 string guitar be used with a regular six-string guitar?

While a 3 string guitar may not be a typical choice for most musicians, there are some situations where this instrument can be useful.

In particular, it is possible to use a 3 string guitar in conjunction with a regular six-string guitar.

One strategy for doing this is to simply tune one or two of the strings on the six-string guitar to match the pitch of the corresponding strings on the 3 string guitar.

Alternatively, you can replace the existing strings on your six-string guitar with lower-pitched versions, converting it into a sort of modified 6-string guitar that can also be used with a standard 3-string model.

Overall, there are many different ways to use these distinctive instruments together depending on your particular needs as a musician.

So if you have ever been curious about incorporating 3 strings into your regular practice routine, rest assured that it is indeed possible and definitely worth exploring further!


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