About Us

Hey there…my name is Frank. As I’m sure you know, I love the guitar!

It is one of the few things that makes me feel alive on a consistent basis.

You may be thinking this is another one of those guitar sites. I guess for the most part it is, but I do my best to ensure it’s a great experience for anyone who comes for a visit.

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 13 years old. With all of those years of experience, I can firmly say that I am NOT a Guitar God.

That’s right! You know how many times I’ve been at places where I’ve been asked to pick up the guitar and play a Led Zeppelin song. Or play an “AC/DC” solo on the spot. Now if I looked up the guitar tab for that song, I could play it.

My point is, my skills and attraction to the instrument wasn’t to just pick up the guitar and play a solo. The creation of a song from the chords, melodies, to overall structure fascinated me just as much.

But that’s enough about me as I started this site for YOU!

Purchasing a guitar or anything instrument related can be overwhelming.

There are so many options for guitars, accessories, amps, pedals…you name it.

What I wanted to create was a one stop show for all things guitar!

I’d like to take away the confusion on most of the purchasing decisions and at the very least, give you a direction.

The site will have all the resources you need and I cannot wait to share them all with you!

Thanks for visiting and remember to always have fun as that is why we picked up this instrument in the first place!