Bass Guitar For Kids – Our Top Reviewed (2022)

Finding the best bass guitar for kids can be a challenge. There are so many options and it’s hard to know which one is right for your child.

Encouraging your child to learn to play a musical instrument is one of the best things you can do for them. It has been proven to boost a child’s self confidence and help them develop discipline, focus and creativity.

One problem many parents face when it comes to learning an instrument is finding the right music gear

If you don’t have a lot of money or if you’re not sure what kind of bass guitar would be good for your kid, buying online can be tricky. 

We have taken the time to research all of the different brands and models available today, and we are here to help you find the best bass guitar for kids on the market!

Best Bass Guitars for Kids 

This article has been written to help parents and other supportive adults like yourself make an informed decision about buying a new instrument. 

We will go over each product in detail, as well as any pros or cons that might help with your decision-making.

After reading this article, our buyers guide should answer any questions that you may still have about these instruments. 

You should then have a good idea of what to look for in an electric guitar or bass guitar if your child wants to learn how to play music just like their favorite rock star!

Best Kids Bass Guitar

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Precision Bass

Imagine a time when music was still seen as larger than life. A time when bassists reigned supreme in the new wave and disco scenes, carving up wood floors on their way to fame. Squier by Fender’s Classic Vibe 70s Precision Bass captures that same essence with its vintage-inspired style and sound.

Squier by Fender Classic Vibe 70’s Precision Bass is an authentic, vintage-looking instrument designed to please discriminating bass guitarists of any age or skill level. 

This beautiful maple, walnut finished instrument with its chrome hardware and dark matte finish neck surface that is perfect for every bony fingerhold technique from your forearms to your fingertips. 

The stunningly handsome bass features a vintage tint gloss neck pickguard protecting the dual Fender-designed alnico pickups so they can pump out round warm tones. 

The alnico pickups produce a powerful tone that can be tweaked for different sounds while retaining their clarity with volume control. 

The maple neck delivers clear tones across the range of frets without being too bright or dark and is topped off beautifully with a walnut body. 

Available in smaller scale size model that could better suit a young player.



  • Classic P bass and tone. 
  • Bone nut enhances tuning.
  • Smooth and playable. 
  • Great for recording. 
  • Vintages 70’s look. 
  • Chrome hardware. 



  • May need a pepper setup.
  • Pickups hum at low levels. 

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Ibanez Talman Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar

Another pick for our best overall is the Ibanez Talman Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar. For that future Rockstar in all of us, you can just pose with this bass in the mirror and image yourself playing to a huge crowd.

Sleek but strong and hefty enough for all types of situations. It will feel super comfortable to those not used to playing the bass. The poplar body with a maple neck guarantees warmth without any stiffness, and that classic Ibanez style can’t be beat! 

The wide chunky maple neck ensures that anyone could use this instrument -whether new to the scene or an old pro just looking for something classy- and provides comfort in playing while giving a really cool retro vibe to boot. 

The Talman electric bass is as green as the grass and light on your back. At Ibanez, they’re always looking for ways to make their guitars even more fun to play than the rest. 

When you then combine that with its understated cool looks and amazingly clear tone – this gem stands out and is perfect for kids or a first time player. 



  • Great beginner bass. 
  • 20 frets – great for learning. 
  • Big and thick tone. 
  • Retro style. 
  • 2-band EQ.
  • Neck has a smooth satin finish. 



  • Tone knob seems to get loose easily. 
  • Frequent buzzing when volume is low. 

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Best Kids Bass Guitar On A Budget

Yamaha String Bass Guitar, Tobacco Brown Sunburst

The Yamaha String Bass Guitar, Tobacco Brown Sunburst has a modern and progressive design for the young aspiring bassist who wants to experience a great tone.

The rosewood fingerboard is smooth and fast, the mahogany body provides great sound while staying lightweight, and the eye-catching flamed mango top is guaranteed to turn heads. 

With its P/J pickup arrangement you’ll be able to get any tone you need from this guitar, plus it’s super playable which is key for beginners. It also gives you a universe of great bass tones; delivering the growl, with strong mids and highs. 

This is the bass guitar that let’s your rock out from the deepest depths of space to the smallest corner of your bedroom with a guttural growl and sound waves coming off every tantalizing note. 



  • Budget friendly price. 
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Easy to play. 
  • Active controls allow for tone shaping. 
  • Thicker neck which is good for learning scales. 
  • Vintage style bridge. 



  • Will need a proper set up. 
  • Tuners are not the highest quality. 
  • Some humming on the neck pickup. 

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Sterling by Music Man StingRay Bass Guitar 

Right between funky and growly, the Sterling by Music Man StingRay is a revelation to the young bass player and perfect for beginners. 

The 4-string StingRay’s natural feel, smooth playability and punchy sound have given countless musicians around the world their “sound”. 

The Sterling by Music Man StingRay Ray4 bass is a retro-modern stylized take on the iconic StingRay bass with everything you need to start rocking out. 

This well-built instrument’s body and neck are crafted from Basswood and Maple respectively, while sporting an ebony fretboard for easy playability. 

It comes in Black finish with black pickguard so it will never lose its cool no matter how much you plan on playing. 

The output really stands out thanks to its powerful ceramic pickup and 2 band active preamp complete with volume control, treble adjustment, and 3 position EQ switch offering passive or active settings in either guitar or amp style configurations. 

Also, all Sterling by Music Man instruments come fully set up before shipping assuring optimal play

It has a wider neck (2″ wider) with lowered and widened the string spacing at the bridge, increased body mass, created a pointier headstock shape that improves balance in your lap or on your shoulder.

Your child will really enjoy the comfortable nature of the Stingray and this will allow them the confidence needed to focus on learning the bass guitar.



  • Humbucker pickups. 
  • Budget friendly. 
  • 6 bolt neck. 
  • Great for beginners. 
  • Fast action. 
  • Volume, treble, and bass knobs. 



  • Nut is not of the best quality. 
  • Will need proper setup. 

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Best Kids Bass Guitar Short Scale

Squier by Fender Mini Precision Bass

The Squier by Fender Mini Precision Bass – Laurel – Black was designed by Fender.

This bass has a long-lasting, short-scale neck which makes it comfortable for small hands to grip the right way on as opposed to full scale necks that can be difficult in some cases for people with smaller hands. 

The sleek maple fretboard allows the instrument to stay lightweight and hearty while having a good balance of being sturdy enough for you not to have any concerns about accidents happening during your practice or performance time. 

The Short Scale Bass lets young sensations get their first taste of what it’s like to start learning how a real electric guitar works!

It’s the perfect little bass guitar for beginners and young players. 

The die cast tuners ensure that it’s ready to go anytime you are! The 3/4 size body of this instrument ensures its durability as well as convenience. 

This mini bass from Squier makes a great gift for anyone looking to learn how to play the bass. 



  • Affordable price. 
  • Classic P design. 
  • Single-coil tone. 
  • Comfortable neck for small hands. 
  • Hardtail 4 saddle bridge. 
  • Lightweight. 



  • Small scale (not full size). 
  • Sharp frets. 

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Ibanez Bass Guitar, Brown Sunburst

This Ibanez Bass Guitar is great for beginners and kids! The slim neck profile gives you amazing playing comfort for those long hours while the compact, contoured poplar body provides excellent balance that will help you sound spot on. 

Standard P and J pickups serve up classic fat, punchy tone while short scale 28.6″ ensures your hands are in charge of this one–and not tangled in excess guitar string length. 

The B10 bridge gives you impressive sustain, which is great if your kid is looking to let rip high or low notes to enhance their sound’s piercing quality. 

Forget the rest–this bass guitar defines ‘classic’ within its stylish gloss brown sunburst finish and affordable price tag.

Its compact construction and contoured poplar body provides great balance and comfort, while its standard pickups serve up classic fat punchy tone. 



  • Prefect for those just starting out. 
  • Sleek brown sunburst. 
  • Fat and punchy tone. 
  • Easy and fast playability. 
  • Contoured body. 
  • Easy to carry and transport. 



  • Plastic knobs. 
  • Fret buzzing occurs at the higher frets. 

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Gretsch Electromatic Junior Jet Bass 

The Gretsch Junior Jet Bass guitar has two mini humbucking pickups for a serious jolt of low end oomph in the tighter confines and smaller scale length of any home studio or practice amp. 

Are you or your child looking to be able to try out scales quickly without feeling like you’re being slowed down? Flat fretboard radius lets you fly through basswood’s notes without going into slow motion, so even as an amateur delivering some laid-back vibes there’ll still be plenty of oomph behind it.

Get on the right track with this new kid on the block: The Gretsch Junior Jet Bass! It’s a no-frills bass that is ready to fire up your kid’s favorite rock song or jazz solo. 

With its walnut fretboard and familiar short size, they’ll be strumming in no time!



  • Classic Gretsch jet body shape. 
  • Great feel and easy to play. 
  • Lightweight basswood. 
  • Warm and full tone. 
  • Strong and durable construction. 
  • Short scale neck = easier to play. 



  • Pickups will eventually need an upgrade to reach optimal sound.

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Sawtooth EP Series Electric Bass Guitar

The Sawtooth is the perfect compact bass guitar for young players of any skill level. 

At just 34 inches long, it features a smaller-than-standard scale length that makes playing easier, more comfortable and assures that notes are not lost or played out of tune due to large fingers. 

The traditional LP body style provides a curved design that matches the curvature of the human body so it’s always comfortable to play with minimal lower back strain to the young bass players. 

Other unique features on this instrument include split single coil P pickup for great sound right from unplugged starting position and top loaded adjustable bridge that creates an equal string tension across all 6 strings resulting in better tuning stability and sustain than some fixed bridges allow.

This bass has the shape, feel and thunderous tone you need for playing anywhere. This stunner is also amazingly light to sling around your back for a family outing or across the talent-show stage. 

The P-style pickups offer all that growl and punch you’re looking for in a beat machine but with cleaner highs than some name brands. And don’t forget the distinctive Surf Green finish that will have heads turning in admiration.



  • Perfect for kids and beginners. 
  • P Style body. 
  • Chrome hardware. 
  • Amazing price. 
  • Glossy finish. 
  • Basswood body. 



  • Will need a proper setup. 
  • Sharp frets. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the benefits of a short scale bass guitar?

The smaller body is easier to hold and carry, which makes it more comfortable for kids. The small frets on the guitar are a perfect size for little hands so they can easily learn chords.

Smaller guitars help children build confidence because there’s less pressure about playing an instrument that feels too big or cumbersome before you’ve mastered other skills like strumming or holding down strings with your fingers.

Is a bass guitar cheaper than an electric guitar?

It depends on how much you want to spend and what you need it for. If you are just starting out with playing the bass, then yes, they are cheaper because they have fewer strings which means less material to manufacture. 

As you have seen in our reviews above though, the cost of a bass guitar will range from a variety of different price points. 

What is the best way to learn bass guitar?

One way to learn how to play the bass guitar would be by watching YouTube videos of your favorite bass players. Watching them play live is a great way to see how they play when the margin for error is none. 

There are lots of video lessons out there as well on YouTube which is a great place to start when wanting to learn the bass guitar.  

There are also many great books about learning how to start playing the bass for beginners out there if you want a more hands-on approach in your search for knowledge.

Why do bass guitars have four strings?

The bass guitar was invented by Leo Fender to appeal to rock and jazz musicians. 

The double-bass, a huge instrument that had been used for centuries in orchestras, could not be heard over the other instruments when playing alone on stage with an ensemble of electric guitars and drums. 

So they created something more portable but still full sounding: the bass guitar!


In conclusion, we hope that all of these reviews will help you make the best decision for your child’s future in music. 

Learning to play bass guitar is a challenging but rewarding accomplishment that anyone can do and enjoy. Learning the basics of playing this instrument does not take long (usually just one lesson) before you are able to perform songs, create your own music or even accompany singers on stage!

The bass guitar is a great choice for children because it has less strings, which makes it easier to play than an electric guitar or acoustic guitar. 

Plus there is an extreme shortage of bass players out there so you will be valued!!

It does not require as much physical force to produce a sound, so if your kids are just starting out they won’t have to worry about hurting their fingers. 

It also allows them more freedom with their hands and arms while playing, meaning that they can focus on what they’re doing instead of how they’re doing it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope this was able to help you make a better and more informed purchasing decision. Remember to always HAVE FUN! 

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