The Best Acoustic Guitar Cases for under $100

Having a solid and reliable guitar case will allow you to sleep easier at night knowing that your favorite guitar is protected from wear, tear, and accidents. In this post we will look at the best acoustic guitar cases for under $100. 

We will be looking at both hard and soft cases. There are not a lot of differences between the typical acoustic hard case and soft case but there are enough to note and discuss and those that will affect your buying decision.

You shouldn’t be breaking the piggy bank when getting a guitar case. The guitar cases we are looking at are all under one Benjamin Franklin. 

These are secure and will protect your acoustic guitar ,whether you play out frequently or just want to keep it safe at home.

Best Acoustic Guitar Cases

These guitar cases will just be what you need to get the job done. Like an old reliable friend, they will be there for your guitar when you need them. 

With that said let’s look at the best acoustic guitar cases for under $100.

1. Yamaha AG1-HC Hard Case Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case

First up is this hard-shell case from Yamaha. This case will fit any standard dreadnought acoustic guitar. Just a reminder that dreadnought guitars have large and broader bodies. 

This case has plush inner lining and features gold latches and hinges. The inside dimensions have an inside length of 43.5 inches and a depth of 5 inches. The upper bout of the case (the area before the neck) is 12 inches while the lower bout (towards the bottom of the case) is 16.25 inches. 

The overall dimensions of this hard case is 44.5” x 18.2” x 6.5” and weighs 10 pounds. Like many cases, this also has a storage area which will be great for storing picks, capos, and tuners. 

With its exceptional padding, this case will protect your guitar. Priced affordably and with a long-lasting durability, you will feel safe as your instrument travels to your destinations or stays stationary in your house. 



  • Price. 
  • Well built and sturdy. 
  • Plush inner lining. 
  • Roomy storage area. 
  • Fits all dreadnought models. 
  • Gold latches and hinges. 



  • Latches may wear over time. 

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2. CAHAYA Guitar Bag Waterproof Oxford Cloth

The guitar case by CAHAYA makes our list for best acoustic guitar cases and for all good reasons. This is ideal for your 40”, 41”, and 41” scale guitars. 

To me this guitar case is reminiscent of a very professional looking briefcase or laptop bag that you would take to work. 

Visually this bag looks great. You’ve got metal zippers, glossy living, a stable metal buckle, a shockproof rubber bottom, and a waterproof oxford cloth on the exterior. 

The dimensions of this bag is 43.5” x 17.9” x 4.7” With large pockets you can fit music books and other music sheets inside. 

In addition to books, you can also put guitar picks, capos, and tuners in the many available pockets.

What’s really innovative is that this guitar case has an anti-theft pocket that’s hidden under the handle so it cannot be found. 

You can wear this guitar case as a backpack or carry it by your hands if that is what you prefer. At 3.3 pounds and with a sleek design, this guitar case has it all and,at this cost, it’s worth checking out. 



  • Sleek and professional design.
  • Ample storage. 
  • Anti-theft pocket. 
  • Waterproof exterior cloth. 
  • Great price.
  • Lightweight.



  • Handles are delicate.
  • Zipper gets caught easily.

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3. Fender FA405 Multi-Fit Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Next up is this durable gig bag by Fender. At a great price these durable bags will keep your guitar safe and secure. 

This also features a soft to the touch velour lining and backpack straps with adjustable lock buckles. 

Weighing in at 1.6 ounces and with dimensions of 44” x 17” x 6”, it’s lightweight and easy to store when not being used. 

A bag like this is ideal for gigs. It won’t blow you away visually, but it gets the job done which is to take your guitar from one place to another safely. 

If you fear that you may drop this, then you will want to go with another bag with more padding. 



  • Can hold all your guitar accessories. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Velour lining.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to store. 
  • Perfect for gigs.



  • Padding is thinner compared to other gig bags.
  • No extra foam support. 

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4. Gator Cases Hard-Shell Wood Case

Next up on the list of best acoustic guitar cases is from Gator. They have several choices for guitar cases at an affordable price. There are options for ¾” acoustics, 6/12 dreadnought style, and classical.  

The interior dimensions are 23.5” for body length, 6.5” for body height, 16.5” for the lower bout, 12.5” for the middle, and an upper bout of 13 inches. The overall length is 43.5” and the height is 6.5”

The top is very durable as it’s made with plywood with PVC covering which makes it very resistant to a variety of conditions. A soft padded plush interior will give your guitar all the support that it needs especially during long travel. 

As with most guitar cases, there is a sizable storage compartment for strings, tuners, slides, and more! 

The metal feet are also a great feature for when you need to set the case down. With a durable handle and weighing in at close to 8 pounds, this will not be a heavy burden to lift or carry. 



  • Available in a variety of different sizes. 
  • Made with plywood and PVC covering. 
  • Sizeable storage compartment. 
  • Durable and sturdy. 
  • Secure lockable latch. 
  • Affordable. 



  • Handel placement could make it awkward to hold. 

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5. CAHAYA Bohemian Guitar Bag Vintage Guitar Case

This is the second guitar case from CAHAYA. This time it’s in a Bohemian style which is very fun visually and shows a lot of personality. 

You’ll get all the protection you need with this bag. With high density foam padding and at a budget friendly price point it’s without a doubt a looker. 

You’ll have ample amount of room in this bag for sheet music, books, music stands, tuners, guitar picks, cables, and more accessories. 

This bag is best compatible with 40”, 41”, or 42” inch guitars as it measures 43.3” x 17.7” x 4.9”. The interior has ultra-padded sidewalls and scratch resistant cloth. 

You’ll have adjustable padded backpack straps and an easy-to-carry handle. If you have a thinner acoustic, the amount of padding will ensure that your wiggle room is limited so it stays snug. 



  • Cool looking Bohemian design. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Lots of storage. 
  • Adjustable padded backpack straps. 
  • Secure padding. 
  • Scratch resistant cloth. 



  • Zipper is not heavy duty. 

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6. ChromaCast CC-AHC Acoustic Guitar Hard Case

We have another hard case from ChromaCast. This is a lockable wood hard case that has extra padding by the neck and bridge. 

The dimensions are 43” for the inside length, 23” for the inside body length, 17” inside lower bout width, and inside upper bout 13.25” and an inside height of 5.” 

Designed to protect your guitar and keep it sounding best, the durable wood construction is easy to transport. Like all cases there is a nicely sized compartment for your guitar accessories.

At this very affordable price, this case gets the job done! The surface is made to last which makes it a very sleek looking hard case. 

If you are looking for a well crafted case that is durable and lightweight then you will want to look at this case. 



  • Plush lined interior. 
  • Affordable price. . 
  • Bumpers on bottom and sides for added protection. 
  • Roomy compartment for storage. 
  • Durable wood construction. 
  • Easy to carry and travel with. 



  • Latches could be better quality. 

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7. Fender Performance Series Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag – Midnight Blue

Similar to the Fender bag we discussed above, this version in midnight blue makes our list. This bag features microfiber padding that keeps your acoustic guitar safe. 

The backpack straps are usually easily adjustable. The interior dimensions are 41.74” x 16.54” x 2.37”.

Stylish and affordable, this will keep your guitar safe during travel and the durable outer layer will avoid rips.

A front slip pocket offers storage for all your accessories. This bag has the great balance of being not too thick and not too thin.  

At a budget-friendly price, this bag is very nice to look at aesthetically and with an asymmetrical handle, this will be super easy to carry around. 



  • Padding with microfiber lining. 
  • Water resistant zipper. 
  • Adjustable lock buckles. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Durable outer layer construction. 
  • Easy to carry. 



  • Limited to how many accessories can fit in storage. 

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8. ChromaCast World Tour Graphic Two Pocket 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitar

The ChromaCast World Tour Graphic case made our list for best acoustic guitar cases.

This guitar case is for ¾ size acoustic guitars but makes our list because of the world tour graphic design. 

The interior dimensions are 38” x 15” x 4.5”. With two roomy pockets, it will be easy for you to carry all of your guitar accessories.  

You have two adjustable padded shoulder straps and a strong handle. With durable nylon and a rubber bumper, this case will protect your guitar. 

There is a Velcro strap inside the case to secure the neck of your acoustic guitar. The case has a generous amount of padding to ensure it will handle any bumps.  



  • Would Tour graphic design.
  • Padded shoulder straps. 
  • Spacious storage pockets. 
  • 10mm thick padding. 
  • Rubber bottom bumper. 
  • Velcro strap to secure neck.  



  • Zipper is delicate. 
  • Not for regular sized acoustic guitars. 

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Acoustic Guitar Case Buyers Guide

We looked at some pretty cool looking and functional acoustic guitar cases. As you can see, there are not many differences but enough to make them each stand out a little. 

One of the decisions that you will have to make is to decide if you want a hard-shell acoustic guitar case or a soft acoustic guitar case. 

Both have a lot to offer your acoustic guitar however, we will be looking at some answers to some common questions. These will help arm you with all the information so that you can make the right selection for your guitar and more importantly its overall safety. 

What type of acoustic guitar case is better: hard or soft?

This depends on what you prefer. A soft guitar case is ideal if you are going to be traveling locally and is very popular. A lot has to do with the fact that they are lightweight and easy to carry. 

Hard guitar cases for acoustic guitars are more suitable for those who want maximum protection for your guitar. If you are going to be storing in the house then and storing it in a closet for example, then this is the way to go.

It’s best to think of the environment that your guitar will be in. When you play out, will there be other things stacked up against that may impact it?  

What should you look for in an acoustic guitar case?

The first thing I would look for is padding. Padding is going to keep your guitar secure while it’s in the case. Neck support is also important. Not only your guitar’s neck but also your own. Does the case offer the support for your guitar’s neck and if you were to carry it, would it be comfortable on your own neck?

Material is also an important characteristic. You are wanting it to be durable and be able to withstand different environments and potential drops. 

For hard cases, they are going to naturally be more bulky so that is to be expected. So the more lightweight cases may be a route to go.    

What type of case is best case for air travel?

If you are going to take your guitar on a plane then you want to make sure it’s extra safe. A hard-shell case will provide the best protection for flying. 

You’ll want to also ensure your name is on it especially on the outside case. This is where hard cases again are more ideal for flight. 

You’ll want to have it wrapped with bubble wrap especially around the headstock and neck so the little extra room in the case will help in this scenario. 

An extra tip if that you will want to detune the guitar so that the in-flight pressure and temperature change doesn’t mess with the string tension. 

Is it better to keep a guitar in a case or on a stand in the house?

I would suggest having both in the house. If you’d like to check out our post of best guitar stands, click here: Best Guitar Stands. 

If you use the guitars often, then a stand would be ideal and of course have your bag/case ready to go for when you need to go out and play. 

For fanatics that own quite a few guitars like me, are there some that are used less frequently then putting the guitar in its case and storing it would not be a bad idea. 

What is the benefit of storing an acoustic guitar in its case?

The benefits of keeping your acoustic guitar in its case is that it will offer protection from changes in humidity which is pretty important. 

It also will provide protection against light which could damage the body. Dust, grime, and of course it getting knocked over all are benefits as well.  

How long can an acoustic guitar survive in its case if you didn’t refill the guitar humidifier?

Guitar case humidifiers will sit in the case of the guitar and keep the temperature regulated. You can place these in the case or in the sound hole of the acoustic guitar. They will slowly release moisture to keep the guitar humidified. 

Now if you live in an area that is dry or where the winters are very cold, then you will want to re-wet the humidifier every five to seven days. 

Since guitars are made to be pretty tough, you can keep them in the case for a long time. If stored in a temperature controlled room (like a bedroom) then it will be safe. Basement and/or attics aren’t an ideal storing place due to potential high and low humidity. 

Acoustic Guitar Case Conclusion 

We reviewed some awesome hard-shell acoustic guitar cases and soft acoustic guitar gig bags. They have lots to offer with regards to protection of your guitar. 

Each of the guitar cases that we discussed is perfect for taking to gigs, practice, and to have in the house. 

We hope we have given you enough information to make an informed decision when it comes to which acoustic guitar case you should purchase.

Throughout the years I have tried out a few different types for my acoustic guitars. At the end of the day it comes down to your preference and what you feel comfortable with. 

Be sure to check out our other articles on, Best Guitar Accessories, Best Guitar Picks, and Best Guitar Cables. 

Thank you for reading or picks best acoustic guitar cases and remember to HAVE FUN!  

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