Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals – A 2022 Guide

Acoustic guitars have such a beautiful and natural sound to them. When those six strings are strummed those sounds resonate through the instrument. Did you know that you can use effects pedals for your acoustic guitar to transform it to something completely different? In this post we take a look at the best acoustic guitar pedals to make your acoustic sound awesome!

Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals 

Effects on an acoustic guitar are completely different than that of an electric guitar. Most acoustic guitar players are more than content with keeping the sound as pure and natural as possible. 

However, effects can really spice things up! You can add such effects and chorus, overdrive, preamp, booster, looper, phaser, reverb, compressor, and more!!!

We have selected # of the best acoustic guitar pedals based on tone, controls, price, and how they mesh with an acoustic guitar. 

1. BOSS WAZA Craft Chorus Guitar Pedal (CE-2W)

The first pedal on our list for best acoustic guitar pedals is from BOSS!! This is a chorus pedal and if you are not familiar with a chorus pedal, it thickens and adds color to your sound to almost make it sound like there are multiple guitars playing. It will almost sound like it’s slightly delayed when being played. 

This special edition pedal gives you lots of awesome tones! This pedal adds a new sound field with stereo output and reproduces both chorus and vibrato sounds. The pedal also has a rate and depth knobs that provide very fine adjustment of sound.

If you like the 80’s sounds of bands such as the Police and the Cure then this pedal will get you closer to that sound.  

Built sturdy, these guitar pedals are made to last and will make your acoustic guitar sound very lively. You’ll hear the natural ringing from your acoustic guitar while enabling the rich sounds of a chorus pedal.  

This BOSS chorus pedal is a little pricey but considering all it offers, it’s well worth it. 



  • Special edition pedal.
  • Features both chorus and vibrato tones.
  • Sturdy and reliable. 
  • Great for classic 80’s style of music. 
  • Offers a warm and lush sound. 



  • Might get some noise and/or humming with an acoustic guitar.

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2. Nux Loop Core Guitar Effect Pedal Looper

This pedal would open your guitar up to a whole new world. This loop pedal lets you record and overdub up to 6 hours of recording time. 

There are 40 built in drum patterns and you can alter the tempo of what you have recorded. This pedal also allows you to connect a microphone to record yourself singing along to what you have created. With 99 slots to save your creations, there are lots of possibilities. 

If you have a non electric acoustic guitar, then you will need to mic the guitar in order to get the sound into the pedal.   

Easy to set up and use, you can spend hours with this pedal and create some really interesting music. 

Offering a nice clear sound, you can create an acoustic rhythm track and then add some nice fills over it for your own unique creations. 

At under $100, this pedal is well worth it!



  • Featuring up to 6 hours of recording time. 
  • Comes with preset drum patterns. 
  • Record as many layers as you want. 
  • Change the playback tempo. 
  • Versatile and easy to use. 
  • Endless possibilities. 



  • Does not have beats per minute. 
  • Some drum loops sound similar to each other. 

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3. Other Acoustic Guitar Effect Pedal, REGULAR (MOSAIC)

I will try to contain my excitement for this pedal but truth be told it is quite amazing!! It’s called the mosaic and rightfully so as this pedal turns any 6 string guitar into a 12 string. I’ll repeat that again…this turns your 6 string guitar into a 12 strong. How cool is that?

You can adjust the level and intensity of the 12 string effect which gives you full control of the sound. 

Now playing a chord will shine with loads of richness. What this does is basically double the sound of each string. You will hear that crisp octave sound that a 12 string acoustic guitar is known for. 

It’s important to note that the pedal DOES NOT run on a 9v battery. There is no internal battery compartment. So you will need a power supply for this pedal. The power supply is included. 

If you like some jingle and jangle in your songs and like playing in the style of The Byrds, Tom Petty, and the early Beatles, then this is right up your alley. 

This pedal even offers some great subtle octave blends where you can turn the tone control and level control down for a nice clean sound. 

As with anything some critiques may be (and depending on your ear) that the 12 sound emulation sounds too manufactured and unnatural. However, that is subjective. 



  • Turns any 6 strings guitar to a 12 string.
  • Ability to adjust the levels of intensity. 
  • Adds shimmer and shine to your guitar. 
  • Creative clean octave blends. 
  • Play your favorite 12 string songs without buying a 12 string guitar. 
  • Comes with power supply. 



  • 12 string emulation may sound manufactured. 
  • Does not come with any presets. 

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4. Fender Smolder Acoustic Overdrive Electric Guitar Pedal

Next up on our list for best acoustic guitar pedals, is from Fender. This pedal does what is normally tough and that’s to add overdrive to your acoustic guitar. Overdrive adds that crunch and grit to your sound and adds some aggression to the tone. 

This is designed specifically for your acoustic guitar and does it’s best not to cause any loud tone-destroying feedback. This pedal has a pick up control to really smooth out the sound and ensure great clarity. 

It’s lightweight feel and made anodized aluminum, this was built to last. The foot switch allows you to toggle between clean and the overdrive affect. This pedal does not come with a power supply.  

For those who like some hard rock sounds or even playing punk music, this pedal offers you that sound. With a 3 band EQ and Filter controls you can really set this to your personal liking.  

The switching back and forth between clean sound and the overdrive can cause a loss in tone which may need you to tweak the controls. 

It’s slightly more expensive than a regular overdrive/distortion pedal, but considering what it could do, it’s worth it. 



  • Provides overdrive to your acoustic guitar. 
  • Filter controls to fit your desired sound. 
  • Toggle between clean and overdrive effects. 
  • Great for those who want to play hard rock and punk music. 
  • Cabinet simulation included to add flavor when plugged in. 



  • Does not come with power supply. 
  • Lose tone switching between clean and distortion. 

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5. The ToneWood Amp Acoustic Electric Pre Amp/Multi-Effect Processor

The ToneWood Amp is not a traditional pedal. In fact it’s not a pedal it’s a pre-amp and a multi-effect processor. There is no amp that is needed as this attaches to your guitar with magnets. It’s fast and easy to install. 

At a higher price then the pedals we have previously mentioned, you’ll see why this costs more. This allows the effects to come organically from your acoustic guitars sound hole. So you do not need to specifically have an acoustic-electric guitar.  

You can experience the sounds of reverb, echo, delay, tremolo, and more. You can also connect this with an amp and PA system. 

This allows you to add some deep and rich texture to your acoustic guitar without the need of an amplifier. This also works well with nylon and classical strings guitars.

If you’re a singer/songwriter then this is perfect for your and your compositions. 

With regards to the sound impact, this is great for playing alone and perhaps in front of small audiences. I would not say this is for large audiences. 

If your acoustic guitar has a rounded back (Ovation specifically) then it will not work. You will also need three double A batteries for this to power. 

You will have to play around with it and tweak it a few times to get the sound to be even. The control box is also a little bulky to one’s liking. 

If you are looking to spice up your acoustic guitar playing then the ToneWood Amp is something you should consider. 



  • Play anywhere and not carry around an amp. 
  • Easy to attach. 
  • Get such effects as reverb, echo, delay, and more.
  • Sounds come organically from your guitar’s soundhole. 
  • Also works on nylon and classical string guitars. 
  • Perfect for small audiences. 



  • Does not work with rounded back acoustics. 
  • Not ideal for playing to large audiences. 
  • Eats up the battery life quickly. 

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6. Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset Analog Compressor Effects Pedal

The last pedal on our list is by Electro-Harmonix. It’s called the tone corset analog which is a compressor effects pedal. This is a compressor pedal which enhances the overall sound of your guitar.  

With his pedal you will get sustain, attack, blend, and volume controls. This will level out the overall sound to ensure the best clarity. 

A pedal like this is best suited to be used with another pedal that has effects such as delay, overdrive, echo, etc..

This pedal will tighten your sound and lower the volume of the loudest note and increase the lowest note. If you have an acoustic that produces harsh frequencies, then this will enable it to sound really clean. 



  • Brings out the cleanest sound for your guitar. 
  • Has a four-knob design: volume, sustain, blend, and attack.
  • Includes 9V battery. 
  • Control the amount of the compressor applied.  



  • Will need to add another pedal to get effects such as overdrive, delay, echo, etc. 

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Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals Buying Guide 

So we have seen the pedals (and one preamp) above and their abilities to give your acoustic give a sound that you cannot get naturally. 

If you have ever gone to a concert and the lead singer is playing an acoustic guitar and is accompanied by a band; when the songs get loud more than likely they are using an effects pedal. 

Let’s look at some questions that are frequently asked and helpful when researching the best acoustic guitar pedals. 

Can I use an electric guitar pedal on an acoustic guitar?

The answer is yes you can. You can take any effects pedal and plug an acoustic electric into it. However, there are specific acoustic guitar pedals that are designed for them specifically. 

It’s best to stay away from gain based effect pedals like boosts, overdrive, distortion and fuzz pedals unless they are specific for acoustic guitars. 

Similarly stay away from analog pedals, their lo-fi nature which works great for electric guitar makes them unsuitable for acoustic guitars.

So what’s the difference? Just the tonality of it. The specific acoustic guitar pedals will give your guitar the best tone however, any pedal will work. 

Do you need an acoustic-electric?

Yes, to plug into a pedal and use the effects, you will need an acoustic-electric guitar. Acoustic guitars will have a pickup system which will allow you take advantage of all the different sounds. 

If you have a non-electric acoustic, then a pre-amp like the ToneWood would work just fine. You will have to purchase an acoustic guitar pickup to insert in the soundhole and then plug into the pedal.

Do guitar pedals need power?

Most pedals operation on a 9v battery. Again the pre-amp mentioned above runs on double A batteries. 

Others will need a power supply. Some may come with that power supply while others may not. It’s easier for the pedals to just require a battery yes, but if you are performing you do not want to risk the battery to run out of juice during a performance.   

Best Acoustic Guitar Pedals Conclusion 

So in conclusion, acoustic guitar pedals really spice up your acoustic guitars sound and life. We all love the natural and organic sound that an acoustic guitar has but sometimes we may want more. 

Perhaps you play acoustic guitar in a band and want to be a little different. Perhaps you are not in a band but you record your own songs at home. An acoustic guitar pedal will add to your creativity. 

Maybe at the end of the day you just like to jam at home and want to get loud. Again, an acoustic guitar pedal will give you that rush of adrenaline. 

We hope you have enjoyed this list and buyers guide. Remember to always be creative and HAVE FUN!!!!

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