Best Beginner Ukulele

Best Beginner Ukulele: The Most Complete Guide

If you’re looking for the best beginner ukulele, this is the guide for you. 

In this post we will take a break from guitar talk and focus on this cool instrument. 

Have you always wanted to learn how to play the ukulele? 

If so, then buying a beginner’s instrument can be daunting. 

The ukulele is a great instrument for someone wanting to learn to play an instrument or guitarists looking to expand their repertoire. 

The strings are easier to press down than on a guitar. The chord shapes are much simpler than those of the guitar. 

There are so many options for new players from brands like Kala and Luna. 

Which one should you buy? 

Lucky for you, we’ve got your back! In this blog post, we’ll go over all of the things you need to know about finding the best beginner ukulele for yourself or someone else. 

We will also list out our top picks for beginners as well. We will also offer some tips on what to look for in an instrument that will help make learning easier and more enjoyable! 

Types of Ukulele’s  

Before we get into the reviews and our top picks, let’s look at the types of Ukulele’s available. 

Soprano Ukulele 

The soprano ukulele is the most common size. 

It has a tighter fret spacing and shorter scale than other sizes. This allows for more intricate playing in this small range of notes that can be played on it.

The soprano ukulele is a type of small, light-weight instrument that makes the classic, traditional sound.

It’s also common and most people picture it when they think about this unique instrument. 

Concert Ukulele

The concert ukulele is a little bit bigger than the soprano, and can be identified by its longer neck, wider fretboard and heavier weight. 

A larger body gives it more volume which creates an even warmer tone with increased mid-range over the smaller tones of the soprano.

Tenor Ukulele

Tenor ukuleles are one size up from the concert, with a longer neck and wider spacing between frets. 

While they’re heavier than their smaller counterparts, tenors allow for more fingering techniques.

For example, “Travis picking” which is perfect if you want to play in an authentic Hawaiian style or even do some improvisation on your favorite songs.

Tenor Ukes have increased length compared to concerts.

This allow them better access for your fingers like those found in traditional styles of Hawaiian music-making while also being able to add improvisation when playing popular tunes too!

Baritone Ukulele

The baritone ukulele is the most extravagant member of the family, with a larger body and unique tuning. 

Tuned down 4 steps from other sizes, it can produce an earthy sound no matter what song it plays.

Be warned that, because this instrument has such deep tones, many people find themselves reaching for their ear protection!

Best Overall Ukulele for Beginners 

Cordoba 20SM Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

The 20SM Mahogany Soprano Ukulele is an excellent choice for someone beginning their ukulele experience. 

The Rosewood fingerboard and bridge produces a sound that resonates with players.

The sound will make this instrument great for both beginners and enthusiasts.

Action on these instruments may need to be adjusted before play depending on how relaxed you prefer your strings to be when playing.

This is an all around, great starter ukulele that sounds delightful when plucked or strummed. 

With a rich and full tone and arched top this mahogany ukulele is both beautiful to look at and lovely sounding. 

Beginner guitarists will enjoy the ease of tuning up with Aquila Nylgut Soprano strings which have a nice mellow sound to get your ideas flowing without breaking the bank. 

Handmade details such as the wood pattern rosette really make this European – style instrument stand out amongst others in its price range while it still offers players quality construction that purchasers can rely on for years of daily use. 



  • Solid mahogany top, back, and sides. 
  • Rich and full tone. 
  • Rosewood bridge.
  • Affordable price. 
  • Good sustain and volume. 
  • Great for beginners. 



  • Slight fret buzzing.
  • May need action adjusted. 

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Best Budget Ukulele for Beginners 

Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele

The Kala Ka-15S is just the thing you have been searching for, a beginner but high-quality Ukulele.

The design is beautiful, but more importantly, it also has a brilliant tone to go above and beyond your expectations. 

The KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele will get you up and playing quickly with a manageable size and affordable price. 

The soprano ukulele is the perfect entryway to quality instruments. This ukulele comes complete with a satin finish for durability, walnut fingerboard and bridge for rich tone.

A premium Aquila Nylgut strings set is included which are designed to be playable in all climates. 

With years of experience crafting these instruments, Kala has made sure that you won’t be disappointed. 

The Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele has a classic island sound. 

The percussive treble and glittering overtones make it perfect for any ukulele enthusiast, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. 

It comes with geared die-cast tuners. These will help to maintain intonation throughout the playing session, which is important for giving your music the best resonance possible.

Along with that, there is the graphite nut and saddle construction that contributes to sustainability as well. 

This beautiful instrument also features aqua satin finish. Not only does this breathtaking aesthetic enhance its beauty, but it will also do wonders in terms of protecting your instrument.

As one of the world’s most popular stringed instruments, it comes as no surprise that the ukulele lends its considerable talents to a variety of diverse musical styles and genres. 

The Kala KA-15S Mahogany Soprano Ukulele now brings those island sounds to you with unparalleled affordability and rich tone quality. 



  • Great price. 
  • Suited for all playing scenarios. 
  • Satin finish. 
  • Warm and bright tone. 
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge. 
  • Polynesian-style shark teeth rosette. 



  • The 3rd string seems to have trouble staying in tune. 

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Best Ukulele Kit For Beginners

Donner Soprano Ukulele Beginner Kit 

Get to know one of the world’s oldest and most popular instruments in this Donner Soprano Ukulele Bundle.

The bundle comes with everything you need: Soprano ukulele, gig bag, strap, tuner, 4 extra Aquila nylon strings, 4 picks and cleaning cloth.

 Its traditional soprano chord-length is easy on fingers while its mahogany body gives it bright projection. 

A smooth rosewood fretboard and well polished rosewood allow even glides across the strings. And it has that distinctive mellow sound from mahogany wood which will add rich depth to the overall sound. 

Also included is a padded gig bag for carrying and well protection for your instrument.

This kit is essential to get you started on your performing career. 

You’ll want this kit if you want to get started on a budget.

 It’s easy-to-play, with free video lessons and tuning made simple. 

Perfect for beginners and professionals alike–just the thing for traveling musicians who are playing in different venues. 

The digital clip-on tuner is easy to tune, and will have you ready-to-play in no time. 

It’s also perfect if your tuning gets off while playing. 

With 18 brass frets marked with fret position at the 5th, 7th, 9th and 12th frets on the neck and top of the fingerboard – this uke is truly classic and unique sounding. 

We do have one small drawback which is slight fret buzz. 

Overall, this kit has everything you need to get started. 



  • Great for beginners.
  • Comes with everything you need to get started. 
  • Amazon value for price. 
  • Gig bag included. 
  • Easy to play video lessons. 
  • Comes with strap, thunder, guitar picks, and cloth. 



  • Fret buzzing. 

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Best Ukulele Under $250

Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele

Meet the Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele! 

With a design inspired by our original jazz guitar, this uke is just as cool as it looks. 

All you need to do is plug in and start playing with this colorful concert uke that features a spruce top and mahogany back and sides for rich, full tones. 

The 4-in-line painted Jazzmaster headstock includes nickel hardware that gives off a classy vibe right from the get-go. 

This concert model also features a light-weight body combined with traditional 18″ scale length making it comfortable for any size player. 

The Fender Fullerton Jazzmasters Ukulele is the perfect instrument for those that want to play jazz music with an added layer of her own personality, class, and style. 

The offset design of this sleek and unique style, super-cool jazzmaster inspired Fender Fullerton Jazzmaster Ukulele compliments your music with rich, full concert uke tone. 

Features an ultra-slim profile that lets you easily get in touch with both upper registers to play more delicate melodies or punchy strums like before! 

With its concert size design, this ukulele will allow you to explore chords and various chord voicings that are unique only to a full-size uke. 

The spruce top paired with mahogany back and sides lets your tones flow out seamlessly while not sacrificing its rich body full tonality as well as warmth. 

A true combination of power and grace – nothing can compare! 

The wooden frets on the fingerboard offer enough grip so you don’t have to worry about sliding around either which makes playing easier overall. 



  • Classic offset bodied electric. 
  • Spruce top. 
  • Fender preamp. 
  • Maple neck.
  • Tortoise shell pickguard.
  • Great sound and tone. 



  • Not a traditional Ukulele body style. 

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Best Concert Ukulele for Beginners 

Luna Tattoo Concert Ukulele 

Take your uke-ing to the next level. 

You’re not in Kansas anymore with this Luna Tattoo Concert Uke! 

Grab one of these unique creations and be transported back to a simpler time when music was fun, easygoing, uplifting. 

Explore the treasures of Hawaii through the tones and melodies from your new mahogany concert Ukulele, now with a satin natural finish that will catch everyone’s eye! 

This Luna Tattoo Concert Mahogany Ukulele with Gig Bag, Satin Natural is only for the most dedicated and devoted ukulele players. 

The sound has a clear resonance that will delight listeners. Coupled with its beautiful Hawaiian design, it will be sure to please! 

This Ukulele has a beautiful sound and is easy to play with its Concert body and Mahogany build. 

This design, based on a Hawaiian turtle (honu), comes with a branded travel bag included and fret markers that are stylized shark teeth. 

One thing that should be noted about this Ukulele is it’s thin wood so you will need to be careful not to crack it!



  • Perfect beginner concert Ukulele. 
  • Unique tattoo designs. 
  • Fret markers are stylized shark teeth. 
  • Clean tone. 
  • Travel bag included. 
  • Excellent craftsmanship. 



  • Wood is thin so you will need to be careful to not damage it. 

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Best Tenor Ukulele For Beginners 

Cordoba 15CM-E Edge Burst Acoustic-Electric Concert Ukulele

The best-selling 15CM is now stage-ready and available at a great price! 

The Cordoba 15CM-E concert ukulele features mahogany top, back, and sides with an abalone rosette.

The full, rich sound can now translate easily to the stage thanks to modern edge burst finish. 

Ivoroid binding on the body and fingerboard completes the look and feel of this lovely instrument.

All in all, it’s hard not to fall in love with this compact yet powerful ukulele that appeals to both beginners and veterans alike! 

This concert-uke has all the features you expect from a Cordoba compact ukulele, with the added bonus of being able to be brought easily into a live performance setting. 

This device is handmade and mahogany, with an abalone rosette decorating its otherwise plain but elegant body. 

The sound hole comes equipped with discreet controls – giving you the ability to switch between traditional acoustic or powered electric sounds at your fingertips. 

This concert ukulele features a padded gig bag and everything else you’ll need to get started.

 It has an acoustic sound core, making it great for practicing or performing in any situation! 

Cordoba’s passive piezo pickup system ensures clear amplification for any stage environment – from a house gathering or small open mic night. 

If there was to be a downside, it would be that the electronics do get temperamental. 

Nevertheless, with them you can just plug into any amplifier with phantom power (not included) or deliver crystal-clear tone through even the most basic PA systems thanks to its discreet internal microphone. 



  • Great projection and volume. 
  • Passive piezo pickup. 
  • Sleek ivoroid body and fingerboard binding. 
  • Easier play being longer scale.
  • Mahogany top and back. 
  • Satin burst finish. 



  • Electronics are temperamental. 

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Best Baritone Ukulele For Beginners 

Kala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele

The Kala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele is the perfect choice for professional musicians looking to make a noticeable impact. 

This Uke has been modeled after mahogany ukuleles made over 100 years ago, and emits a soft, warm, full-bodied, balanced tone. 

Finish off your look with this timeless instrument that ages beautifully. 

Walnut fingerboard and bridge offer an outstanding appearance to bring out the true beauty of this prized possession. 

Brass frets ensure easy playing even on serious chords with minimal buzzing under any condition. 

The larger size of the instrument makes it especially easy for beginners to play. 

The Kala Baritone Mahogany Ukulele is a beautiful instrument guaranteed to make you sound and play like a pro.  

It’s extremely easy to learn, making it perfect for beginners looking for an affordable way of playing music exclusively or as an accompaniment in their other projects.

It offers an accurate tone because of the small scale which also makes it unique from others on the market. 

The bridge is high quality and allows you to create various sounds when strumming strings both separately and together with more “classical” stringed instruments such as pianos and guitars. 

The only drawback might be that its tuners aren’t perfect – they do require tuning frequently so if you’re used to constantly re-tuning your Uke. 

This is perfect for anyone looking for quality craftsmanship at an affordable price who wants to learn how to play or is already familiar with playing a Ukulele. 



  • Great quality at a great price. 
  • Perfect for beginners. 
  • Warm and balanced tone. 
  • Walnut fingerboard and bridge. 
  • Easy to play for guitarists. 
  • High quality craftsmanship. 



  • Tuners aren’t the highest quality. 
  • Will need to tune it often. 

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Best Carbon Fiber Ukulele For Beginners 

LAVA Carbon Fiber Ukulele with Case and Charging Cable

Give your music a free boost with the LAVA Carbon Fiber Ukulele. 

The built-in reverb, delay, chorus, and plugging options give the player some room to experiment. Add in its one touch Freeboost technology that’s fun and energy efficient—your jam sessions will never be the same again! 

The included case and charging cable makes transporting your new LAVA machine safe and sound, so go ahead: let your creative juices flow freely while you’re on the go too. 

This Ukulele has a sleek look and is lightweight all while ensuring great sound. 

When you’re not strumming along, you can use this as an everyday carry on your commutes. 

Be careful because the strings may need to upgrade down the line as they wear out or break faster than others.

This LAVA Ukulele offers up a beautiful sound that you can’t get from any other ukuleles on the market. 

If you are interested in learning about Carbon Fiber Guitars, you can check out our article right here: Best Carbon Fiber Guitars! 



  • Comes with a case and charging cable. 
  • Freeboost technology. 
  • Sleek looking. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 
  • Durable. 
  • Great build quality. 



  • Strings will need to be upgraded. 
  • Rounded back makes it easy to slide on lap. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions in our buyers guide! 

Which type of ukulele is best for beginners?

Ukuleles are a great instrument for beginners to learn on. 

While there is no one size fits all, the soprano and concert sizes tend to be best because they’re small enough you can carry it around with ease and navigate the fretboard more easily without running out of space between frets. 

The soprano or concert sizes are best for beginners because they’re small and easy-to-handle with larger fretboards making them easier to navigate as well. 

This type of uke also produces a standard sound!

When you’re just starting out on an instrument like the Ukulele  (which is smaller than instruments such as guitar) , there might be some confusion. 

That will mostly be because you don’t know what kind would work best in different scenarios.

More specifically which one should pick up a Sopranino (smaller) or Concerto Size (larger). 

All musicians have their personal preferences when choosing between these two types.

What are some tips for learning to play the ukulele?

Following these steps will help you to master the mechanical skills necessary for playing accurately and cleanly. 

Small, precise movements allow your fingers only a small degree of movement which gives them more control over what they are doing so that anything from slight adjustments or intricate pieces can be played without any difficulty at all. 

By keeping both hands free of tension, musicians assure themselves cleaner sounding notes as well as an easier time with getting into difficult passages because their muscles won’t tense up.

When stressed out but rather stay relaxed until it’s appropriate to play again; this in turn allows for better technique since there is less danger of making mistakes due to muscle fatigue or lack thereof.

Is the Ukulele easier to play than guitar?

Ukuleles are traditionally smaller than guitars and don’t require as much strength to play, so it might seem like they would be easier. 

But this isn’t always the case! 

The strings on a guitar are thicker and wider apart from one another, which makes them easier for beginners to press down with their fingers. 

Plus, there’s less tension in the strings on a guitar compared to those of a uke – meaning you can strum more forcefully without fear of snapping the string or sounding out of tune (so long as you’re not using very heavy gauge strings). 

This means that while the guitar may be harder for beginners to learn initially, it will likely become easier over time. 


If you’re looking to buy a Ukulele for the first time, we hope this guide has helped. 

There are so many different types and brands of these instruments. So it can be difficult to know what you need as a beginner. 

That’s why we looked at all 4 main types of ukuleles in detail, reviewed very popular models from those categories, and included some FAQ about buying your first one. 

Hopefully by now you have enough knowledge to make an informed decision on which instrument is best suited for you! 

You can find a Ukulele that fits your needs and budget by reviewing the 4 main types of Ukuleles. 

There are many different models for beginners so you should be able to find one without breaking the bank. 

If you have any questions about which beginner Ukulele is best for you, don’t hesitate to ask in our comments section below!

Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with or answer before making your final purchase decisions.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and remember to always HAVE FUN! 

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