Best Guitar Amp Headphones: Reviews and Guide

Wanting to plug in your guitar and play without anyone telling you it’s too loud and to turn it down? Let’s chat about some of the best guitar amp headphones around.

Before we do that though, we know you’re busy. No matter how old you are, your day is busy. Whether you are young and juggle school, sports, and a job, or an adult that juggles work, kids, and everything else….we are all busy. 

However, there are those moments where you get all your tasks, chores, and work done and you want to plug your guitar into your amp and rock out. 

A couple minutes pass by and you get a knock on the door asking you to lower the volume. You lower the volume and continue. Then you hear a family member across the house asking “can you please turn the volume down.” 

Say it’s nighttime and you finally have a minute to settle down and you want to play guitar, create and rock out. Well everyone’s asleep so having your guitar amp at any volume will not work. 

Instead of building yourself up with excitement to play only to have it deflated, consider that owning a pair of the best guitar amp headphones could be the solution you are looking for. 

Best Guitar Amp Headphones 

In this guide we will look at the best guitar amp headphones available today. Most of these are going to have the same offerings but there are some differences which we will discuss and highlight. 

1. OneOdio A70 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones  

First up on our list of best guitar amp headphones is from OneOdio. Available in four colors: black, red, silver, and gold these headphones have a jack lock system so you don’t have to worry about any connection issues.

You’ll experience extreme comfort with the soft to the touch earcups. You can set up your Bluetooth and listen to your tunes through the audio cable. These headphones will let you hear the bass clearly along with bright mids and highs.

A really great feature of these headphones is that you can connect two devices and have music be transmitted to each ear at the same time. 

If you need to take these headphones anywhere, they fold for super easy for carrying and storage. These are also long lasting with up to 50 hours of battery life. Along with the headphones you will receive a pouch, 3.5mm audio cable, dual-duty cable for 6.35 and 3.5 mm sockets, and a USA charging cable. 

With a well-padded ear covers and headband that’s very comfortable, you will not mind wearing these while you play that good old rock and roll on your guitar. 

At an affordable price, these headphones will be a perfect companion with your practice amp and a great add in your guitar accessories bin. 



  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Noise cancellation. 
  • Amazing sound quality. 
  • Features two cable options. 
  • Lightweight and comfortable. 
  • Comes in a variety of colors.  



  • No adapter to reduce cable from 6.35mm to 3.5mm. 

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2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50X Professional Studio Monitor Headphones 

Coming in next for our best guitar headphones we have the Audio-Technica Professional Student Monitor Headphones. These come in black, blue, gun metal, white, and purple. 

Available in wired or wireless these are more expensive than the ones mentioned above these are the go-to headphones for many audio engineers. 

With copper clad aluminum wire voice coils, you will experience unbelievable clarity with a deep richness in overall sound. 

Featuring extreme comfort and a pivoting earcups you will love wearing these. With a detachable cable, they are perfect to with you anywhere you go. 

Make no mistake, these headphones sound great plugged into your apple and android devices, but when you plug this into a guitar amp you will be in love with how much you are able to hear.  

With excellent sound quality, these will cancel out all that background noise just leaving you and your guitar as you sit and create. 

If you prefer that clarity over bass sound, then these are the headphones for you. 



  • Variety of color offerings. 
  • Excellent clarity. 
  • Contoured earcups.
  • Features a detachable cable. 
  • Lightweight and portable. 
  • Flat response rate. 



  • Will need to tweak headband to get the right fit. 

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3. Sony ZX Series MDR-ZX310AP Headband Stereo Headset 

Next up on our list for best guitar amp headphones is from Sony. These are the most affordable on our list and they come in a variety of colors from black, blue, gray, red, and white. 

These headphones deliver a great overall sound quality. With swivel earcups, they are not only comfortable, but portable and easy to carry around anywhere you go. 

The earpads are pressure reducing so it doesn’t feel like the headphones are clamping down so hard on your ears. 

Other headphones will block the noise more however, these will get the job done for you when it comes to those alone moments with you and your guitar. 

The cable on these headphones is a little thin. Some people like the thicker cable when plugging these in and it makes sense especially as they are not specifically designed for an amplifier. 



  • Super affordable price. 
  • Comes in a variety of different colors. 
  • Offers a great frequency range. 
  • Self adjusting swivel cups. 
  • Lightweight and compact. 



  • Not specifically designed for soundboards or amps. 
  • Comes with a mic which is not needed for playing a guitar in an amp. 

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4. VOX AMPHONEBASS Active Amplifier Headphones 

Meant for the bass guitar, these headphones can also be used with an electric guitar. 

Unlike the previous headphones that we have mentioned, these headphones by Vox only require your guitar. That’s right, you do not need your amp. Simply plug these headphones into your bass or electric guitar and play away.  

These headphones come with a built-in plug technology that will give you more lead tone in the sound that’s coming to your ears. 

With its unique reactor circuit that’s based on technology used in Vox amps, you will get some serious dynamic sounds out of these. 

You will be able to channel such effects as chorus, delay, and reverb. When not being used to play rock and roll, they can be used as regular headphones when the power is off. 

The overall tones you can receive with these headphones are quite impressive. You can also play your favorite song to play along with it as well while adding an extra element to these headphones.  

These headphones will also require 2 AAA batteries. 



  • Plug headphones right into your bass or electric guitar. 
  • Do not need an amplifier. 
  • Features chorus, delay, and reverb. 
  • Only requires 2 AAA batteries. 
  • Deliveries dynamic lead tones. 
  • Can play along with your favorite song.   



  • Cable is short and fragile. 

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5. Edifier H850 Over-The-Ear Pro Headphones

The Edifier H850 over the ear pro is next up for best guitar amp headphones. These features magnet drives in closed back for a truly awesome sound. 

These are ideal for and made for musicians. These headphones have guitar monitoring and with a travel friendly design these are perfect to take anywhere. 

As a bonus, these also come with a 1/4 -inch jack which plugs right into your amp so you can jam out on the guitar and/or bass. 

Not only do these feel super lightweight they give you an acoustic sound. These are not Bluetooth so these are meant to be plugged into the amplifier. 

You’ll experience very crisp and clear highs and very audible lows. These headphones also do a great job balancing the sounds and with a minimalistic look, they are great visually as well. 

The noise canceling is very minimal on these so you do not get a full blockage of outside noise. 

At a super affordable price you will love plugging these into your amp and channeling your creativity. 



  • Affordable. 
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Detachable cable. 
  • Comfortable feel. 
  • Crisp and clear sound and tone. 
  • Includes ¼ – inch jack. 



  • Noise cancellation could be better.  
  • Bass could be more audible. 
  • Not Bluetooth capabilities. 

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6. BOSS Wireless Guitar Headphones System 

These headphones are expensive and when you hear all the features that they have then the price will make sense. BOSS is known for their high quality products and this is one of them. 

With these headphones you do not need an amplifier. This system has an adapter which you plug right into your guitar. The headphones give you up to five hours of play. 

The unique tuner function will ensure you are perfect tuning. The accompanying app “BOSS Tone Studio” also gives you a visual chromatic tuner. 

The two-way design folds down for a very compact storage. On top of that the built-in batteries are rechargeable with a  wake function that will conserve the battery life.   

Dial in and create the perfect sound for your electric, electric-acoustic, and bass guitar. You’ll get some really exciting tones here and can be controlled via the app. 

You pick up your guitar and the adapter will wake right up. Put on your headphones and you are ready to play. It will not only connect to your guitar but to also your phone. With 6 preset tones,  you’ll be occupied for hours.  



  • Offers that premiere BOSS sound quality. 
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries.
  • Up to five hours of playtime. 
  • Comes with the BOSS Tone Studio App.
  • No amp required. Adapter plugs right into the guitar. 
  • Can be used with electric, acoustic-electric, and bass guitars. 



  • Price.
  • App learning curve. 

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Best Guitar Amp Headphones Buying Guide 

We have looked at some pretty cool headphones ranging from very affordable prices to more expensive. They all feature great attributes for you to plug them into your guitar amp and play away. 

Below we look at some commonly asked questions to help you and make your buying decision a little easier. 

Can I plug headphones in an electric guitar?

The electric guitar or bass does not generate sufficient voltage to power small speakers. The current and eventual sounds that you hear are coming from the guitar amp.

There are headphones as we have mentioned one above that also act as the amp which then you will be able to plug right into your guitar and play. 

Do guitar headphone amps come with effects?

Most guitar amp headphones are just that headphones that you plug into your amplifier. The effects will come via the amp or if you had a pedal. 

The Vox model we mentioned above does come with effects and as that is a headphone that you plug right into the guitar or bass as opposed to the amplifier. 

Can I use any headphones to play an electric guitar at night?

Essentially yes as long as the amps have a headphone jack built in. The challenge becomes if you use a pair of headphones not designed for an amp then you are not only going to not hear the full texture of the sounds but may also not be good for your ears and overall hearing.  

Is there a way to play the guitar with wireless headphones on?

With a traditional Bluetooth interface you will hear a long delay between then you pluck the string and when you actually hear the note. So it’s possible but you will have to deal with some sort of delay.  

Can I play an electric-acoustic guitar through my headphones?

Not directly. You cannot plug headphones into the guitar’s cable jack and then get a sound in the headphones. Even if the electric-acoustic guitar has active pickups it still will not be amplified. 

You will need to plug the guitar into an amplifier and then use headphones to experience the sounds. 

Best Guitar Headphones Conclusion 

So, in conclusion, you see that there are many options for you to go to your quiet place in the house, put on your headphones and create some magic. You actually don’t even need to go to your quiet place in the house as with some of these headphones, you can play right in the middle of your house. 

The prices ranges are going to vary as you have seen with the ones we reviewed above. If you have some excess cash to spend or if these are going to be a gift, then it may make sense to spend more as you know you will have them for a long time. 

If you are on a budget then look at one of the affordable options as they will also last you a while and give you the ability to play your guitar without being asked to lower the volume. 

As always thank you for reading and HAVE FUN!!!



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