Best Guitar Cables: Reviews and Guide


There are a considerable number of things to consider when shopping for a guitar cable. Beyond just buying one to use for your instrument, you should be interested in getting the best guitar cables if you are planning to use it for specific reasons. If, for example, you are planning a performance tour where you’ll be actively playing for long periods, then you should consider the more durable guitar cables as they are guaranteed to last longer than the regular, less expensive ones.

The less expensive guitar cables are more suited for the hobbyist guitarist or the guitarist who isn’t actively playing at gigs and the likes. For them, the guitar is more an instrument of pleasure for keeping themselves busy or for random events where they get to play for friends and family or in religious, social gatherings.

However, whatever your reasons for buying a particular guitar cable, it still boils down to the point that buying a guitar cable or buying the best guitar cables comes with a lot of thought and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The kind of guitar cable you purchase for your instrument is capable of ruining or preserving your instrument and should be given sufficient thought.

To make it easier for you to find the best guitar cables in the market, we have compiled this list to help you select from the range of some of the best guitar cables available in the market today. But before you jump in and check out these picks, you should consider some of the metrics we use for choosing the best guitar cables:


A good guitar cable should serve you effectively for a long enough period of time. If you get one that breaks down quickly, I don’t need to point out to you that you did not get good quality. Good quality guitar cables should be able to work for you long enough. This is why durability is one of the major considerations for purchasing a guitar cable.

When you consider the durability of a cable and compare it with other products, you can better reach a decision on whether or not that particular cable would work for you.

The Warranty:

This is another thing you should really consider before paying for a guitar cable. The warranty on a cable is important because it gives you an idea of whether or not you will be able to get any after sales service on your cable or whether the offer allows you to return defective cables after opening them from their package.

This is why we always advise people to consider this factor.


This is a big factor to consider especially if you are in the performance business. Sometimes, guitarists get to perform in super amped environments where they have to move about or jump around frequently. Having guitar cables that allow you to move freely is often underrated until it is regretted. Don’t fall for that trap. Get long cables.


Some of the Best Guitar Cables Money Can Buy – Reviews


1.D’Addario American Stage Guitar Cable

The exciting thing about this brand generally is the fact that when buying any of their products, you can rest assured of the quality you will get. Planet Waves started as a manufacturing company for guitar straps in 1994 and has since evolved into the brand it is today.

But that is not what I will like to focus on here. The more important thing about them is the quality of their instruments and how much thought is put into the general creation process for their products.

When it comes to guitar cables, there are few companies that can touch D’Addario in terms of durability, length, and quality assurance. Their cables are some of the best guitar cables in the market, and that is the no-BS assessment based on my personal experience using them.

Also, something you should consider when making your buying decision is the fact that the cost of this guitar cable is nowhere close to the value that is promised.

If you are a music lover and you want all your music instruments to deliver 100% every time you use them then these are the cables that you should go for.

If you are considering getting one for your guitar, here is a quick run down of the guitar’s advantages and the disadvantage you should consider.



  • This cable comes equipped with an exclusive in=out technology
  • The Planet Waves American Stage Guitar Cable also comes with a geo tip attached and
  • An in-line solder joint, making it durable



  • For some quality of events, this cable may be insufficient based on the feedback we got from some users.
  • This cable tends to hum when used in large FX chains.
  • Redesigned tips may not work well with very old instruments.

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2. Monster Prolink Classic Pro Instrument Cable 1/4 Angled to Straight Instrument Cable – 12ft

If you are interested in high performance guitar cables, the Monster S100 is one of the finest, strongest, most durable cables available in the market around the world. This cable comes from a line of strong, dependable products manufactured by Monster Cable Products, Inc., a company founded by laser-fusion design engineer, Noel Lee in 1979. 

The instruments and cables manufactured by this company are considered some of the best in the industry and they are designed for tough use.

Like its name, the Monster guitar cable is one of the strongest, most ferocious when it comes to quality and design. With a cable like this, you do not need to worry about having to change your cable too soon or too often.

The cables come with some of the finest texture in the industry and are created to stand the test of time.



  • Buy this cable and you get to enjoy the ¼ inch connectors that are resistant to corrosion and can last the test of time as they are forged from 24K gold.
  • With this cable, you now get to enjoy increased resolution and lower noise floor. It also comes equipped with a 90% coverage copper-braided shield that reduces the possibility of RFI and EMI to a large extent.
  • When it comes to durability, this cable stands the test of time. It is reliable and durable at the same time and will give you more than the expected return on your investment.


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3. George L’s 10′ .225 Guitar Bass Cable Black Right Angle/Straight

When it comes to superior sound production and relay, there is no other guitar cable maker that does it like George L. Lewis, owner of the George Ls, does. This cable is forged for both durability and sound quality and is one of the finest brands in either capacity.

When you compare it with the products of some other companies, you will see just how incredibly awesome the product is.

George L. Lewis is the founder of the company known as the George Ls. This company is pretty well known for manufacturing some of the top of the line cables that are available today, a company which has a long history that spans over 30 years of producing some great quality cables which are preferred by artists the world over.

When speaking of the electric cables by George Ls you can rest assured that the quality of the sound that you are going to get out of these cables will be just perfect.

There are a lot of other brands available in the market today but when talking about the sound quality that these cables, you have to give it to the George Ls.



  • The absence of interference or static you get to enjoy with this cable is one of the finest reasons why many people trust it so much. The sound is clean, there’s no two ways to put it.
  • This cable comes in a skinny build that helps ensure that it fits into the most compact places, making it a very easy carry-along.
  • This cable also comes with a fancy color scheme that separates it from the popular selection of cables out there and sets it apart.


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4. Fender Performance Series Electric Guitar Cables

Popularly known as Fender Musical Instruments Corporation or FMIC, this brand is popular for their production of stringed instruments and amplifiers and the quality of their production is never in question. Their range is undisputed, but so is the quality of their products.

Everything they have in their collections is designed to perfection down to the littlest details. If you are concerned about quality and durability, then you need not worry if you’re buying a Fender product. They are so invested in ensuring that the legacy of their founder carries on that they do not renege on their resolve to produce some of the finest quality instruments and accessories.

In fact, their cables are some of the best in the industry and they take pride in the fact that many people recommend their products.

When considering the factors for choosing a guitar cable, the Fender is considered perfect because it embodies every single factor to the smallest details. Buying this guitar cable should definitely put your heart at rest as it comes with the warranty to help you get assurance of its functionality.



  • The cables come equipped with an ultra-low capacitance level that enables them to give superior tone.
  • The construction of the cable is pretty flexible that actually prevents twisting, tangling and kinking
  • The cable comes in equipped with a durable 6.5mm PVC jacket and also the molded strain relief that makes it withstand a lot of abuse.


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5. Mogami Gold 10ft Guitar/Instrument Cable

The legend that surrounds the production of this cable is that there is an intense level of research effort put into manufacturing it, so much so that it is considered the best guitar cable of all time. And that’s not just a marketing rumor.

When you buy and use the Mogami Gold cable, you will find that everything about this guitar, from the quality of the design to the quality of the sound is put in place meticulously and carefully to both capture physical attention and entice auditory attention as well.

This is one of those guitar cables that after you use them once, you cannot stop thinking about the experience.

If you are a performing artist, then you will definitely find this cable great because of how it connects your music to your audience in a noiseless process. Quit punishing your guitar and your audience with terrible sound and apply your efforts on the superior quality of the Mogami Gold 100ft.



  • When talking about the handling of these cables it is absolutely silent, so that you can jump around with your guitar all you want to without worrying about any external or twitching sounds.
  • There is a neutral balance in this cable and that means that the output that it is going to give is going to be maximum.



  • This guitar cable is one of the most expensive in the market.

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6. Spectraflex Original Series 14ft Instrument Cable

Whether you’re considering them for the quality of their products or the strong, evocative brand identity they have built for themselves, everything about the Spectraflex may not be big enough to compare with some of the other big dogs, but, at least, they have the quality of the product when it comes down to it.

They have a wide range of quality products which are built to last and they do stand the test of time.

The true test for this company comes in the light of the quality of their products. When compared with that of the bigger, larger companies, there are only a few who can touch them in quality, durability and price. Their 14ft instrument cable is considered one of the finest, craziest cables manufactured by the company ever.



  • This cable comes equipped with a 20 AWG ultra-pure copper center conductor and any cable that has this quality is going to be a pretty fine cable.
  • The connectors of this cable are rugged and high performance at the same time so it provides you with the advantage of mistreating them i.e. of course unintentionally.
  • 100% copper and conductive polymer shield coverage
  • This cable also comes in with the warranty of a lifetime so that you can replace them anytime when not working properly.



  • This guitar cable is one of the most expensive in the market.

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Buyer’s guide

There are a lot of guitar strap choices out there to the point where it can be overwhelming.

The key is comfortability and safety of your guitar. Comfortability for how it feels when you are standing up and performing and of course the safety and protection of the guitar.

The style aspect is a cool aspect as well but the other two qualities should exist first.

As a guitarists, you are going to go through many (and I mean many) guitar straps in your lifetime especially if you perform often.

The higher the quality of the strap, the longer it’s going to last. However, it’s always good to have some spares just in case something occurs while you are playing.

Things to Look For in a Guitar Strap

At the end of the day the following is what you want to ensure your guitar strap has to your individual liking:

  • Length
  • Width
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Material


These are our best choices and best guitar straps on the market.

Again, there are many choices so do you research and try a couple out until you find the best guitar strap for your liking.

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