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The Best Double Guitar Stand – Reviews and Purchasing Advice

Finding a good double guitar stand is hard. There are so many different options out there and it can be difficult to find the right one for you.

Double guitar stands are often hard to find, sometimes expensive, and structurally inconvenient.

The best double guitar stand should be affordable and easy to use. It should also be durable so it can hold your guitars securely without moving around too much.

A double guitar stand is a perfect solution for any guitarist that has two guitars and wants to keep them in one place. These stands are also great for musicians who have multiple instruments such as keyboards, drum sets, or percussion. 

Many different styles of double guitar stands exist, but the most common ones are the X-shaped style with an adjustable height feature and the straight vertical style. 

Double guitar stands are a great way to save space and time in your studio. Whether you’re practicing with a band or gigging out on weekends, having the right double guitar stand will make life easier. We’ve compiled our list of favorites for you to choose from below which includes our best overall, best budget, best $50, best wall mount, and a pretty cool alternative. 

Best Double Guitar Stand 

Our team of experts put together this guide on how to choose the best double guitar stand for your needs. We’ll walk you through all the things to consider when shopping around and give you our top recommendations at every price point!

Take a look at our guide here!

Best Overall

Hercules DUO Guitar Stand

If you need a stand to keep your guitar safely and comfortably in one place, then the Hercules DUO Guitar Stand is what you’re looking for. 

The Hercules DUO Guitar Stand is beautifully designed with two folding locking Auto Grip Systems which hold either single or double instruments securely, a Comfort Grip with Locking Pin that adjusts height quickly and easily, and a Folding Backrest that supports instruments well. It’s also made of specially formulated rubber foam to protect your expensive piece(s) from any fall or mishap.

The stand can be adjusted to securely accommodate acoustic and electric guitars or bass guitars while keeping them safely off the ground and out of harm’s way. 

With the Hercules DUO guitar stand, you can be confident that your instrument is safe and sound. 

With a fold-backrest, positioning can be adjusted to accommodate any size of instrument. To keep instruments upright and from sliding out of place, the rubber pads hold on tight. 

The stylish look, as well as ease of use make this stand the ultimate must have for all guitar players!



  • Two folding auto grip system.
  • Folding and adjustable backrests. 
  • Especially formulated protective foam. 
  • Doesn’t take up much space. 
  • Built to last. 
  • Adaptable for acoustic, electrics, and other stringed instruments. 



  • Doesn’t come with a manual or set up guide. 

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Best Budget 

YMC Universal Folding Double Guitar Stand with Secure Lock

This stand will allow you to keep your guitars and basses in an upright position at the same height when storing or performing.

This stand has super-quick set up time for convenience and portability, while a secure lock ensures that your precious instruments will never fall over from neglectful carelessness. 

The soft rubber arms ensure maximum protection as they hold down your guitar’s headstock, back of neck, and tuning key section to protect them from scratches caused by movement during travel or storage. 

Heavy duty steel construction is durable enough to stand against years of abuse in any environment including schools, studios and rehearsal spaces.

The YMC Universal Double Guitar Stand opens and folds flat in seconds, making it a perfect choice for easy storage and transport. 

The locking yoke secures both acoustic or electric guitars with its soft foam arms and rubber back rests keeping your instruments securely fastened to the stand without slipping around or moving about. 

This double guitar stand will safely hold two guitars of any size at one time on the sturdy yet lightweight metal frame, ensuring that they’re always handy when you need them.



  • A-framed guitar stand with secure lock. 
  • Budget friendly. 
  • Floods flat for easy storage. 
  • Soft foam and rubber back rest. 
  • Simple and durable design. 
  • Perfect for home or studio. 



  • Instruments will lean towards the rear. 

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Best Under $50

On-Stage Flip-It Duo Guitar Stand

The On-Stage Flip-It Duo Guitar Stand is revolutionary. Featuring two detachable loops with close-to-ground, long yokes and secure locking systems – the dual guitar stand enables perfect stage positioning for any guitarist. 

Not to mention the durable die cast steel, which will hold any size or weight of a guitar! The lightweight design includes non-slip rubber end caps to keep your instrument in place while you play! 

If you’re looking for the perfect guitar stand that will hold your electric and acoustic guitars, look no further. On-Stage flip-it duo stands feature fine details like rubber padding, a handsome black finish and holders designed not to harm your instrument’s finish. 

The heavy-duty forged steel construction is also attractive as well as durable. These are one of the most affordable dual guitar stands on the market.



  • Holds two guitars of any kind.
  • Cost effective. 
  • Durable die cast steel. 
  • Non slip rubber ends. 
  • Easy to assemble. 
  • Keeps your guitars secure. 



  • Height is not adjustable. 

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Best Double Guitar Wall Mount 

If stands don’t interest you, then you may want to check out the guitar wall mount below. For even more options, head over to our article on the best guitar wall mounts right here: Guitar Wall Mounts. 

Double Guitar Holder Wall Mount

The SFC Double Guitar Holder Wall Mount shelf is the perfect accessory for your home or studio. 

Made of 3/4in THICK SOLID WOOD and finished with a stained grey finish, this guitar rack has an industrial rustic style that goes well with any décor! 

The wall mount provides extra storage in a convenient spot near your door for all your guitar accessories like pick holders, bug sprayers, strings, tuners etc. 

The side entry shelf accommodates enough room for other instruments you may want to store there as well.

Protect your guitar with the Felt Guitar Holder and Wall Mount. It securely hangs guitars on a wall to prevent damage from frequent use or travel. 

The hook is made from high-quality, durable steel that emits anti-rust features for longevity of your instrument’s protection. And best of all, four metal hooks are included for holding accessories like straps, keys, hats and more!

The screws, level, wrench and instruction are included when you shop SmithFarmCo. 



  • Extra storage for your guitar accessories. 
  • Felt guitar holder hooks. 
  • Stylish and decorative. 
  • Study and durable. 
  • Perfect for acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele, banjos, and violins.
  • Made in the USA.



  • Assembly required. 

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Best Tri Guitar Stand

What if you have more than two guitars? Then you may want to get daring and try out a tri guitar stand! 

Hercules Tri Guitar Stand

The Hercules Tri Guitar Stand is built to handle three guitars. 

The stand’s auto grip systems safely lock instruments into place and the yoke has a design that accommodates different neck sizes ranging from 40 mm – 52 mm. 

Attached narrow instrument neck adjustments (HA301) are designed with the narrow instrument like banjos & mandolins in mind so you can use all of your space while not compromising on support for wider necks.

The instant height adjustment clutch with locking pin adjusts stand height quickly, easily and securely. 

The folding backrests provide versatile adjustable support for your instrument while still folding up to a more compact size. Made from excellent quality materials the Hercules Tri-Stand will keep your guitar safe under all conditions.



  • Holds three guitars. 
  • Stable with no wobbling. 
  • Fits perfectly in all areas in the house or a studio. 
  • Holds guitars tight and secure. 
  • Great for eclectic and steel string guitars. 
  • Easy to set up. 



  • Not enough room to allow guitars to hang and lock (depends on guitar model). 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Now let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions that one may have when exploring a double guitar stand. 

Do you need a double guitar stand?

Many may not even know that double guitar stands even exist.

A double guitar stand can be very useful for musicians who have multiple guitars and want to keep them all at their fingertips while playing live or practicing.

What is the best way to store two guitars?

It can be a challenge to find the perfect place for two stringed instruments. 

If you are looking for the best way to store two guitars in your bedroom and are not a fan of the double guitar stand, then a good idea would be to get guitar stands for each one on either side of your bed. 

Another option is buying a folding music table which has room enough inside for both instruments when they are not being played. 

This is great because it provides somewhere safe and secure to store them at all times without having to worry about things getting knocked over or damaged by other items around. 

If you want to look at more traditional stands, check out our post here: Best Guitar Stands! 

Can you use double guitar stands for live performances?

Now, this depends on what type of performance you are in. If your show requires that one person be playing multiple guitars during their performance then yes. 

Using a double guitar stand is an easy way to have both of your guitars displayed while playing and that will give you easy access for when you need to use one of them. 

Does it work with acoustic and electric guitars?

The answer is yes, but you might want to make sure you are looking at the stands specs. 

Double stands are designed for two electric or acoustic guitars and have a design that incorporates both types of guitars. 

The best way to know if this type of stand will work for your needs is to measure the space in front of where you plan on using it and compare it with the dimensions available. 

Then make sure it matches the and can hold the specific measurements of your guitar. 

Are double guitar wall mounts secure? 

You’re a guitarist and you want to put up your guitars on the wall, but it is understandable that you may be concerned about the safety of this. 

Double guitar wall mounts are a practical and efficient way to store your guitars without risking damage or injury.

You could go with just one guitar mount, but that would be boring! 

Double Guitar Wall Mounts are designed for people who have two guitars and want them both mounted on the wall. 

But are double guitar mounts secure? If you mount them right, then yes! 


“In conclusion, the best double guitar stand is going to depend on what you are looking for. 

If you need a stand that can hold two guitars and has a high weight capacity, then we recommend this one made by Hercules Stands. This company offers some of the most durable and heavy-duty double stands out there.”

The search for the best guitar stand is a never-ending journey. The quest often begins with simple stands and progresses to more complicated designs requiring specific needs.

The Best Double Guitar Stand for you may be the one that is designed to hold one acoustic or electric guitar each. Or could be one that holds two electric guitars so it totally depends on what your current needs are. 

We hope you have enjoyed reading this article about the best double guitar stand. If you are a guitarist, then this is an important piece of equipment for your setup. 

You might even need more than one to keep all of your guitars in playing condition and ready to play at any time!

 Thank you for taking the time and remember to always HAVE FUN!!!

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