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Grote Guitars Review: Affordable But Are They Any Good?

In this post we will be taking a look at Grote Guitars

As prices of virtually everything goes up in life, the importance of being cost conscious will always be on one’s mind. Especially when it comes to purchasing a guitar. 

Now the silver lining is that over the years there has been an influx of companies making affordable guitars that are very pleasing to the eye. 

One of those companies is Grote. Since 1989, they have been making guitars and basses at extremely affordable prices. 

The question is, though, how good of a guitar can you get at these price points? 

In this article we will explore the value behind Grote guitars and see if it’s worth your time and money to buy one. 

We will review some of the top models and discuss the pros and cons of each. 

If you’re looking for an entry-level instrument or just want to know more about these instruments then keep reading!

Grote Guitars Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of the top models below from Grote Guitars. 

GROTE Jazz Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Guitar (Red)

This Semi-Hollow Body Guitar (Red) is a quality instrument, despite some minor issues. 

This budget friendly guitar has got the classic jazz look with flame maple top and metal truss rod cover. 

Some fret buzzing aside, the neck is comfortable and there are decent tuners – better than other comparable guitars in this price range! 

Though it may need a good set up from your local luthier to finalize tuning tension, this guitar promises an amazing experience – just not right out of the box.

Again, this is an extremely budget friendly guitar and will make a great entry level instrument for anyone who wants to start learning how to play. 

The neck is very comfortable, so you will experience easy playability. 

On top of that, there’s also 2 tones and 3 ways available on the toggle switch which gives you options when jamming or writing. 

With all these features combined with a beautiful flame maple design and multi-ply binding on multiple areas of the guitar, this definitely won’t break your bank account. 



  • Budget friendly. 
  • Flame maple design. 
  • Multi-ply binding. 
  • Secure truss rod cover. 
  • 3 way toggle switch. 
  • Trapeze Tailpiece. 



  • Frets will need good polishing. 
  • Action may need to be adjusted. 
  • Some fret buzz occurs on the lower end notes.  



Grote Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Single F-Hole

The Grote Electric Guitar Semi-Hollow Body Single F-hole is a great guitar for value! 

It’s quality construction and design will last you years as you develop your sound. 

This guitar has low action, great tone, and a lightweight body. 

This Telecaster style body with a single F-hole sports a comfortable C shape neck that’s easy to play on while you’re standing up or sitting down. 

There is some saddle spring buzz that could be corrected by adjusting the height of string saddles; but not necessary if you are not overly annoyed by it. 

In addition to being inexpensive, it is also available in multiple colors such as black, green, red, blue, and purple! 

We love this product because it’s budget-friendly for students or beginners who are just looking to start playing without breaking the bank.

The pickups provide a true single coil tone for those looking for that specific bright tone. The tuning machines aren’t the greatest but that’s okay as they still hold tune and given the price, you can’t go wrong. 



  • Available in 5 different colors. 
  • Cost friendly. 
  • Telecaster style body. 
  • Single coil pickups. 
  • C shaped neck. 
  • Easy playability. 



  • Saddle spring buzz. 
  • Tuning machines can use an upgrade. 



Grote Solid Body Electric Guitar 

This Strat style guitar is a nice option for beginners. 

The Grote Solid Body Electric Guitar is affordable, easy to play and fits comfortably into your arms while you strum away to the song in your heart.

A great first choice for someone who might spend more time playing than practicing as it usually sounds perfectly fine but with some upgrades can sound even better.

The neck is maple with an U-shaped profile which gives generous spacing so you can make the tough chords easier on yourself and fast action will help when switching between those different chord types too! 

It has a 5 way selector switch that changes the positions of coil taps on 3 single coil pickups – which can eventually use an upgrade. 

Intermediate players may also want this in their collection as well. 

If you don’t mind eventually spending on upgrades for the hardware and pickups, you can really add a cool guitar to your collection.  



  • Amazing price. 
  • Stratocaster style body. 
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players. 
  • Can eventually be upgraded. 
  • Easy playability. 
  • Features 5 way selector and 3 single coil pickups. 



  • Tuners can use an upgrade. 
  • Pickups sound a little too thin. 



Grote Solid Body Electric Guitar Chrome Hardware

This Solid Body Electric Guitar is a budget friendly, yet quality guitar that features a telecaster style body. 

The maple neck is adorned with a 3-way selector switch and chrome hardware to keep its easy playability top notch. 

Just like anything else you buy, there may be some setup that needs to happen when first taking it out of the box – as such it requires nut filing and bridge adjustments as well as tuning machines can be stiff at times for easy movement around strings. 

If none of those things are needed, then fret leveling becomes something which you will want done on occasion depending on if you ever plan on changing your string gauges or so forth. 

The stylish Telecaster style body has maple neck and satin purple finish for easy playability. 

Overall, it has many enticing features even with its to-be-expected for the price issues. 

But that’s why it’s easy to just use this bad boy as backup at gigs or in your practice room.



  • Price.
  • Satin purple finish. 
  • 3 way selector switch. 
  • Telecaster body style. 
  • Chrome hardware. 
  • Easy playability. 



  • Tuning machines are stiff. 
  • Pickups will need an eventual upgrade. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the popular nature of affordable guitars, we are excited to bring you the most frequently asked questions in our buyers guide. 

How are guitars able to be affordably priced? 

Some guitars are able to be so affordably priced because of the mass production process that guitar manufacturers are able to use. 

One way this is done is by using machines in place of skilled labor which lowers the price per unit. 

The use of low-cost materials like plywood, resin, and plastic has also contributed to lower costs for guitars.   

As a result, many people who have never played before can purchase an instrument without worrying about spending too much money on it. 

It’s not just beginners who benefit from these prices either; even professional musicians buy guitars at reasonable rates thanks to this type of manufacturing process.  

Lastly, the ability for a wide variety of styles and sizes with such affordable pricing means that there will always be something available for everyone. 

Are cheaper guitars harder to play? 

It’s no surprise that many people want to learn how to play the instrument, but not everyone has the resources to do so. 

Fortunately, there are guitars on the market today which are affordable for most budgets. 

The answer isn’t simple because it depends largely on what you’re looking for in an instrument. 

Are Grote guitars any good?

This is the question that we all came here for right? 

There are many people who think that these guitars are not good, but in reality they’re actually very good. 

Factor in the price and they are great! 

They have a few different models and there’s a lot to like about them. 


Grote guitars are a great guitar for beginners and honestly even intermediate players will find values in these guitars.  

They offer great value for the price. They are an affordable option to players who want a guitar that is not going to break the bank but still plays well and has some good features. 

If you’re looking at these models of guitars, keep in mind that there are some things about them which will need upgrading eventually such as tuning machines or pickups.

Grote guitars are a great value for the price. They offer an affordable option to players who want a guitar that is not going to break the bank but still plays well and has some good features. 

They are well priced, easy to play, and offer a good variety of styles in Stratocaster, Telecaster, and semi-hollow body types. 

If you’re looking for your first guitar but don’t know where to start, Grote guitars are a great option. But they are also for those who want to add a reliable axe to their collection. 

We hope this review has helped you decide whether these specific models would be right for your needs!

Let us know what peaks your interest by leaving comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Remember to always HAVE FUN! 



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