Guitar Display Case

Guitar Display Case – Best Way To Showcase Your Guitars

Do you have a guitar and want to display it in something other than a guitar stand or wall mount

If yes, then it’s time to get a guitar display case. These cases will keep your instrument safe and sound while showing it off for the world to see. 

They’re great because they keep your guitars clean while also allowing people visiting your home studio or office space to see what kind of instruments are available for use. 

There are many different types so make sure that when looking into getting one, it matches with what you are looking for. 

They are perfect for casual players, collectors, and pros alike. These glass-fronted displays will make your cherished guitars look like works of art while at the same time keeping them safe from harm. 

Your collection deserves to be protected in style!

Guitar Display Case: Our Picks 

You want to make sure you get the best one for your instrument, but it’s hard to know what will work best without spending hours researching each model online and in stores.

We’ve done all of that research for you! We analyzed many models based on quality, features, pros and cons. Our list is sorted by our favorite picks.

Whether you’re looking for an acoustic guitar display case or an electric guitar display case, a budget friendly or premium option, then this blog post has what you need! 

Best For Electric Guitar 

Electric, Bass Guitar Display Case (Mahogany Finish)

This display case will look great anywhere. 

It has got the perfect finish with a fine and smooth surface that is gloss lacquered for protection. 

There’s space inside to comfortably hold your favorite guitars. The sleek interior helps eliminate any worries of damage and is easy to clean as well. 

The felt interior background helps keep instruments from sliding back into the lid when it’s open along with giving that beautiful visual appearance to this mahogany finish electric guitar display case!

You can keep your guitar safe and sound with this durable and high-quality case. 

The lockable door prevents scratches to the woodwork and provides UV protection so she still looks good even after being out in the sun all day. 

Choose whether to display vertically or horizontally depending on which space you need. All joints are glued and screwed for solid stability, no assembly required! 

Remember: this handsome storage solution is only designed to house guitars within 43 ½” tall (that’s everything but a double neck).



  • Comes with wall mount brackets. 
  • No assembly required. 
  • Red felt background. 
  • UV protection. 
  • Made from solid hardwood. 
  • Fits guitars up to 43.5’ tall. 



  • Not for acoustic guitars. 

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Best For Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Display Case Cabinet -Mahogany Finish 

This acoustic guitar display case cabinet to display proudly your guitar. 

Crafted from solid mahogany with red felt inside, this cabinet protects your delicate instrument properly. 

With 44″ of inside room and a locking door for security, it’s easier than ever to keep your prized possession safe and sound before you take it on stage or just to jam at home. 

Made with only the best materials, this storage device will keep your acoustic guitar secure and dust-free. 

You can mount this item on any wall to give it an attractive look in any room of the house or can use it as a counter top bin to quickly grab your favorite instrument for performances.

It also has UV protection to avoid damages or dust accumulation. 

The sanded surface provides an elegant finish that will impress all who come through your door – from music lovers to friends and family members! 



  • For acoustic guitars no more than 43”. 
  • Mahogany finish. 
  • Solid wood frame. 
  • Comes with lock and keys. 
  • UV protection.
  • Able to be mounted on the wall. 



  • Only for acoustic guitars. 
  • May need to upgrade the hinges. 

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Best Wooden Case 

Wooden Guitar Display Case – Cherry

This Wooden Guitar Display Case – Cherry is perfect for housing your guitar in classic style and will show off its beauty like no other guitar case on the market can. 

The hooks on the back make this something that’s easy to hang anywhere: On your wall, against a pillar–this works just about anywhere.

This Guitar Cherry Finish not only looks good but will last through years of wear-and-tear as well as help protect expensive guitars from dust particles and unwanted touches. 

When it comes to displaying your prized possession

Although this does not come with instructions for the screws, you can keep your guitar safe and clean inside of this vibrant display case. 

Your guitar will be displayed beautifully as it rests against the smooth cherry finish. This case is optional for mounting horizontally or vertically.

All items come with 2 brass cabinet locks, which make them easy to secure away from theft or tampering. 

You will need to measure before installing the screws on the back of the instrument so you don’t do any damage! 

Built to last and made in the USA. 



  • Made in the USA. 
  • Cherry finish. 
  • Can be mounted horizontally or vertically. 
  • Comes with two brass cabinet locks. 
  • Can customize to your liking. 
  • Great for at-home display. 



  • Does not come with instructions or guide holes for screws 

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Best Acrylic

Display Case Rack Wall Mount Cabinet, with Lock, UV Protection Acrylic. (All Clear Display)

If you like the all-clear look, then you need one of these cases. 

The case is made from top quality super clear acrylic to keep your work fully visible. 

It has pre-drilled holes on the back for wall mounting and built in hangers for the guitar so it won’t swing around while being stored vertically. 

Once mounted, the lockable door protects your instruments from dust and provides maximum exposure when opening up the case! 

As well as protection, this mountable display offers easy access to guitars or other equipment with its convenient angled design. 

One thing that people often overlook though is how time consuming it can be to remove protective paper. The key is just to remove it slowly so the residue doesn’t stay around. 

The UV protective acrylic means this case will keep off dust and ensure maximum protection against harmful light from being emitted into the display space. 



  • Has a lock with 2 keys. 
  • Clean and simple appearance. 
  • Able to be mounted on the wall. 
  • Made from top quality clear acrylic. 
  • Protects from dust. 
  • Display vertically or horizontally. 



  • Hardware supplied is not of quality. 
  • Protective paper can be time consuming to remove. 

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Best With Lights 

Deluxe Acrylic UV-Protected Electric Guitar Display Case with Lights

Enjoy your guitar with style! 

With this handcrafted acrylic UV-protected electric guitar display case, you can add some protection to your instrument. 

The craftsmanship ensures durability and easy maintenance by using high grade materials – it even includes a remote controlled LED light show! 

The deluxe acrylic UV-protected electric guitar display case with lights is made from the highest quality, clear acrylic that resists yellowing or fading. 

This case also features LED lights with a remote control that allows you to choose one of over 15 light modes including solid colors, changing, or strobe. 

It opens flat so it can be displayed against any wall in your house or professional studio environment. It measures 48″ x 16.25″ x 5.2″.

This electric guitar display case not only protects your prized possession from dust, moisture and condensation but also provides a nice home for it so you can be proud of it. 

Comes ready pre-set to mount onto any wall or stand in any space — keep in mind, we won’t judge if you choose the floor!



  • Protects your guitar. 
  • Crafted with the premium grade clear acrylic. 
  • Wall mount or stand on the floor. 
  • Comes with 2 locking keys. 
  • Includes removed controlled LED lights. 
  • Over 15 light modes and strobe. 



  • Only for electric guitars. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How to hang a guitar display case?

When it comes to displaying your prized guitar, you want the most beautiful and perfect way to show off your work. 

The right display case can be a great addition to any room in your house!  

Here are some helpful tips for how to hang a guitar display case so that you can enjoy admiring your instrument with just a glance. 

Choose an area of the wall where there is no natural light shining through windows or doors. This will help prevent glare on the glass and protect against sun damage and fading- Mounting brackets should be placed at eye level, about two feet away from window panes- Be sure not to place anything above or below the bracket as this may cause stress on the frame.

Is it better to have your guitar in a display case or stand?

Some people prefer to have their guitar in a display case because it protects the instrument from dust and other contaminants, but some people believe that putting your guitar into a stand exposes it to less risk of damage or degradation. 

The best way to ensure your guitar stays safe at all times is by investing in quality cases and stands designed specifically for guitars. 

At the end of the day it’s really up to you. If you like your guitar in a display case, it’ll be protected from dust, and if it falls or gets knocked over, there will be less damage than if it was on a stand. 

But some people prefer their guitars on stands because they are more accessible for playing while sitting down or standing up. It really comes down to what fits your needs best!

How safe are guitar display cases?

Many guitarists are looking for ways to protect their guitars and keep them in the best condition possible. 

Guitar display cases can be a good option to avoid damage from dust, humidity, and heat. Display cases are not just for displaying your instruments; they also help with protection.  

The main purpose of a guitar display case is to provide a safe place for your instrument when not being played or stored away. 

Arranging the instrument in a glass-topped case will allow the musician to see how well it’s maintained while still giving it some protection from external elements.

Can you fit two guitars in a display case?

No, it’s not possible to fit two guitars in a display case. 

Display cases are made for one guitar only. 

If you have more than one guitar and would like them on display, we recommend buying two display cases.


Guitar display cases are a great way to show off your prized possession. 

They also provide easy access in case you need to take the guitar out of its case for any reason. 

However, they do come with some downsides that we want to make sure you know about before making your purchase decision. 

For example, if you plan on playing everyday, it may be tough and time-consuming when it comes time to swap instruments or remove them from storage. 

This is where standalone guitar stands can prove much more convenient as they don’t require so much space and allow for easier removal/storage options. 

When thinking about purchasing a guitar display case, it’s important to think about how much you will be using the instrument that is being displayed. To some it may be annoying to keep taking it out of a display case to play it. To others it may not make a difference. 

If you are not going to use your instrument very often and would like something more decorative for decoration purposes only, then a wall-hanging or floor stand may work better for you than an expensive hardwood guitar display case. 

However, if this is your holy grail and you want to protect it, then a display case may be the way to go.  

Let us know in the comments if you’ve used anything not mentioned here that has worked well for your needs!

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Remember to always HAVE FUN!

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