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Guitar Fretboard Chart For Beginners – Learn to Read and Play in Style!

Hey guitarists, I hope you’re doing great! 

If you are a beginner and looking for some help with the fretboard then this blog post is for you!  In this post, we’ll go over which guitar fretboard charts offer value for you to hang on your wall. 

First off, let’s talk about what a guitar fretboard chart actually is.

When it comes to playing guitar, many people think of the frets and strings as the most important part. While this is true for some songs, there are other crucial elements that you need to know about if you want to play really well. 

One such element is the fretboard chart – a diagram that shows where each note on your guitar goes. 

As a beginner, fretboards can be confusing at first glance, but with practice and guidance from an experienced player or teacher they will soon make perfect sense! 

A guitar fretboard chart is helpful for those just starting out and want to learn how to read music.

Most of them work in the following manner……

First, let’s start with six strings on your guitar: E A D G B E. They represent different notes from low to high (E being the lowest note). 

Next, find your favorite chord progression and count up or down which string corresponds with each number; then, pluck them at one time using your fingers or pick hand accordingly!  

Our Top Picks

If you’re a guitarist, it can be hard to remember the location of all those notes on your fretboard. 

Chances are that you know where some of them are and have a basic understanding of how they work, but getting up to speed with every note can take time and practice. 

The good news is that there’s no need for this anymore! We’ve compiled a list of charts from different sites so that you don’t have to go searching for one yourself. Just check out our top picks below!

Best for Chords and Scales

Guitar Chord Scale Chart Poster of Chords | Scales 

Oftentimes guitar players are faced with difficult progressions that they can’t seem to master, but fret not! 

This guitar chords scale chart poster is an educational tool designed to enlighten both beginners and experienced guitarists about different chords, scales and modes. 

It contains important guitar knowledge, chord progression, chord variations, scales modes, arpeggios and essential guitar theory in one convenient chart. 

Devising your own progressions will become a breeze thanks to this new guide on the easy methods for playing staple tunes with different types of chords or scopes. 

With excellent diagram representations of open strings at various loop points on the fingerboard as well as clear instructions laid out over your wall. 

Are you tired of looking at a giant pile of guitar chord charts or flipping through a bunch of pages in the hopes that it will make sense? 

This poster features different guitar chords and their scales, all outlined in large type. 

There is plenty of room on the big wall beside your bed to study up just before you go to sleep! 



  • Four in one guitar chart. 
  • Features major and minor chords. 
  • Pentatonic and blues scales. 
  • Waterproof and UV resistant. 
  • High quality printing. 
  • Display and learn. 



  • Lots of information that could make it too small to see in distance. 

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Best Quick Guide 

Laminated Guitar Fretboard & Chord Chart

Learning to play guitar is made easy with this laminated guitar fretboard & chord chart. 

Use it as a handy reference during practice or while you strum everywhere in your house. Hang this laminated guide on your wall and learn to read chords and finger positions for major, minor, and seventh chords. 

The fretboard diagram will indicate note locations of major scales in both notation and tab form – just stick it on your wall next to your guitar! 

The heavy 80lb glossy paper preserves the blank detail artists put into black & white composition at 11 x 17 inches, while giving beginners guidance towards success with finely tuned instructional guides tucked between sturdy pages. 

The Laminated Guitar Fretboard & Chord Chart is a great learning tool for beginner and intermediate guitar players. 

Hang it on the wall where you practice; its size makes it easy to read, with instructions covering chords, major and minor, as well as seventh chords. 

The chart also has tabs of note locations on the fretboard so you never get lost. 

This product should be included in any beginner’s equipment list!



  • Easy to read 11 x 17 size. 
  • Heavy glossy paper. 
  • Features major, minor, & 7th chords.
  • Great for beginners. 
  • Bright and clean print. 
  • Has note locations on fretboard. 



  • Not a full size poster. 

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Best Set 

Guitar Chord Poster, Chord Chart, Fretboard Cards, and Magnetic poster

Learning guitar chords for beginners has never been easier! 

This educational poster will guide you through the basics with bright and colorful guitar chord diagrams. 

The chart is also magnetic so it can be hung on any standard whiteboard or fridge door. Get your kids off their electronics and have them learn a new skill instead – Let Music Be the Language!

Whether you’re a beginning guitarist who wants to learn the basic chords or just want to add some refreshers to your repertoire, this is the perfect product for you. 

This poster displays 56 guitar chords in an easy-to-read and colorful design that will help increase your knowledge of guitar playing fast as well as make you more confident when it comes time for performance. 

Furthermore, you will also get fretboard cards to allow beginners and experts alike to gain access to all the most important chord shapes without needing their guitar handy. It couldn’t be easier!

This poster is perfect for any beginner guitarist!

Keep this poster near your guitar, and it will help guide you as you’re playing songs on your own. 

A great gift idea for any occasion. 



  • Comes with a magnetic hanger. 
  • Features 56 guitar chords. 
  • Fretboard cards to help you learn finger placement. 
  • Poster is laminated. 
  • Great for beginners. 
  • Makes for a great gift for any occasion. 



  • Could be small to read from a distance. 

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Best Pocket Size 

Guitar Chords Cheat Sheet Laminated Pocket Reference

If you start playing guitar, this cheat sheet is a great tool. 

You’ll be able to recognize the chords when reading tabs in seconds thanks to this convenient quick reference guide. 

Give one as a gift or buy one for yourself and get an instant boost on those chords we all know but don’t always remember! 

With 49 open chord shapes and 84 moveable chord shapes each clearly labeled with their appropriate names so you know what “A” means if they say “Add A.” 

You can refer back to them anytime anywhere- just flip down one of the many laminated sheets from the 4 x 6 inch side and tune up your guitar skills while also getting some cool points in the process. 

This handy guide is durable for frequent usage, fits in pretty much any jacket or pants pocket and is laminated so you can clean it of sticky fingers that come with playing guitar. 

Additionally, since this cheat sheet includes easy-to-read instructions on which chords are movable and open chords this paper will be a valuable tool for your guitar licks!



  • Fits into your pocket. 
  • Quick reference guide. 
  • Features 49 open chords and 84 moveable chords. 
  • Easy to read. 
  • Laminated.
  • Double sided. 



  • Be careful of sticky residue from the label. 

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Best For Bass Guitar

Bass Chord Note Mini Chart

This Bass Chord Note Mini Chart helps to identify the twenty-six available chord note symbols for bass guitar. 

Though it includes hundreds of chords, this mini chart is the perfect size and shape for those who don’t require a huge piece of wall art. 

At 8 ½” x 11″ dimensions, this handy poster features 56 different sets of chord charts so artists can improve their knowledge of common musical terminology as they practice or play with others. 

For any bass player, no matter beginner or pro, a well-stocked chord vocabulary means being able to create more interesting and different types of bass lines.

It’s great to display on its own or framed anywhere in your studio or home!



  • Expand your Bass guitar chord knowledge. 
  • Suitable for framing. 
  • Great for learning and practicing. 
  • Laminated. 
  • Features 56 different bass chord notes. 
  • For beginners or pros. 



  • Diagrams can use a little more explaining. 
  • Print may be too small for some. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Here, we’d like to provide answers to some of these frequently asked questions. You can find more information on each question below. 

Is a guitar fretboard chart better than a guitar book?

As a guitar player, you might be wondering which is more helpful for learning the guitar—a fretboard chart or a book

The answer to this question varies depending on your current level of expertise. 

For beginners, I would recommend using a chord chart because it helps you visualize where each chord is located and how it’s constructed. 

After that, if you feel comfortable with them then go ahead and use those charts too! But if you’re still struggling with chords in general, then I would stick to the book instead.

If you’d like to learn more about guitar books, you can check out our post here: Best Guitar Books for Beginners. 

How do you memorize a guitar fretboard?

Memorizing the guitar fretboard is a matter of breaking it down into manageable, small chunks.

For example, memorize five strings at a time by starting with E and going up to A. You can then repeat this pattern until you’ve gone all the way around the neck. 

Once that’s mastered you can move on to four strings to get your fingers used to playing in different positions before moving on again. 

This will help keep things from getting too complicated as they start piling up and make sure your mind doesn’t have any trouble keeping track of them!

A lot of guitarists struggle with memorizing the fretboard. 

It can take a long time to learn and it is easy to forget what you have learned. 

Having a good plan will help you succeed in learning your way around the fretboard quickly! 

Here are some tips for getting started:    

1) Practice every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. 

2) Use visual aids like flashcards or music sheets. 

3) Learn one string at a time. 

4) Start with an easier pattern first. 

5) Be patient!

How do you read a fretboard diagram?

Fretboard diagrams are a great way for guitarists to learn how the notes on their fretboard correspond with the notes of a particular scale.  

It can be difficult to read a fretboard diagram and understand the notation.  Musical notes are written from bottom to top, with each line of music getting higher as it goes up the page. 

For example, “E” is on the bottom line, while “B” is on the third line (counting lines from bottom). If there are any sharps or flats in a note that isn’t at an octave position, they will have their own letter/symbol next to them so that you know what kind of sharp or flat it is. 

For example C# would be above middle C and Bb would be below middle c. 


Learning to play a guitar can seem daunting at first, but it’s not as difficult as you might think. 

One of the best way to learn chords and notes is with the use of a fretboard chart for beginners that breaks down things in an easy-to-follow process. This will help you gain confidence as you are learning your way around the guitar neck. 

 If you’re just starting your guitar journey and want to learn how the strings are laid out, a fretboard chart is an easy way to visualize this. 

You can also use these charts as templates for learning new chords or notes on the instrument. 

What helps you remember the fretboard? Do you like the visual aspect of a guitar fretboard chart?  

Let us know in the comments below. 

Thank you so much for reading and remember to always HAVE FUN! 

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