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5 of the BEST guitar thumb picks you can buy!

If you want to find the perfect guitar thumb picks, then this article is for you. 

Guitar players are always looking for new ways to make their playing more precise and accurate

However, many people do not know how to choose a thumb pick that will work best for them. 

There are so many options, and it’s hard to know which ones will work for you.

I’ve tried out dozens of different kinds of guitar thumb picks before finding the ones below that really worked well for me. 

They’re comfortable and easy to use, but they also have perfect precision when I’m playing my guitar.

We have compiled some of the top picks from different brands and give an honest review of each one so that you can find the right one for yourself!

Best Overall 

Black Mountain Thumb Picks – Pack of 3 

These Black Mountain Thumb Picks are all you’ll need to explore the world of fingerstyle and flatpicking! 

Built specifically for musicians who enjoy playing with their fingers (fingerstyle) but also enjoy playing with a pick (flatpicking). 

These 1.5 mm Nylon picks have beveled edges that make for fast playing, while the spring inside creates a perfect balance between comfort and stability when it comes time to pick up your instrument.

These picks are designed to mimic a fingerstyle feel on guitar.

Every string will sound more resonant and be more expressive when played using these Black Mountain Thumb Picks! 

With a perfect balance between comfort and stability, this versatile thumb pick is one worth owning.



  • Set of 3 picks. 
  • Great for hybrid picking techniques. 
  • Can be used with acoustic and electric guitars. 
  • Fit any size thumb. 
  • Sturdy and built for precision. 
  • Minimal slipping.



  • Could be too thick based on one’s particular liking. 
  • Will need to get used to spring design. 

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Best Medium Pick 

Dunlop White Plastic Thumb Picks, Medium, 4 Pack

The Dunlop white plastic thumb picks are a medium gauge and comes in a 4 pack.

The medium size thumb picks are great for those who play complex fingerpicking and like to stay in a natural and relaxed position. 

These picks can be used on electric guitars as well since they have the good grip intended for it. 

Just be careful using them with upward strumming as they may grab the string too long. 

They’re very inexpensive but last surprisingly long!

These thumb picks not only look great but are also designed for optimum comfort and flexibility of use. 

Great for complex strumming patterns or intricate finger picking, they’ll have you playing like a pro in no time! 

With a small medium size perfect for electric guitars and straightforward 4-pack selection, these durable guitar thumb picks from Dunlop have it all.



  • Comes in a pack of 4. 
  • Great for acoustic or electric guitar use. 
  • Price friendly. 
  • Good for complex strumming patterns. 
  • Fits thumb comfortably. 
  • Great for banjo and bass guitar. 



  • Can get stuck on the strings during upward strumming. 

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Best Pick Set

Flat Thumb Picks Medium, Set of 12 

This set comes with 12 picks in 6 fun colors! 

These quality thumb picks will assure you hours of playing without any interruption due to discomfort because of scratchy strings, and they’ll provide therapeutic relief from calluses for those guitarists who play all day long. 

The storage box is perfect for holding your new set and taking them with you on trips so that all your favorite sizes are readily available. 

And, if these picks are not for yourself, they can make excellent gifts for open mic hosts, birthday parties, Christmas stocking stuffers. There isn’t much picking wrong with these!



  • 12 picks in 6 colors. 
  • Comes with a storage box. 
  • Budget friendly. 
  • Great gift for any occasion. 
  • Made from sturdy celluloid. 
  • Works for eclectic and acoustic guitars. 



  • Could be too thick based on preference. 

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Best Sturdy Pick 

Golden Gate Grained Ivoroid Thumb Picks – 4 Pack

Ivoroid thumb picks are way cooler than nylon. They give you a stringy tone that’s rich and really soothing. 

You might wanna experiment with different ones to find the one that suits your playing style best, but we think these Golden Gate Ivoroids will do nicely. 

Constructed from heavy, durable material with vintage styling, they feel great in your hand as you play–even after extended wear or abuse!

These durable vintage-style thumb picks will take a licking and keep on picking with heavy, thick construction that allows for fast speed and string-bending without breaking. 

With ergonomically designed comfort grooves that are shaped based on human anatomy, these picks will feel like you are wearing nothing. 



  • Comes in a pack of 4. 
  • Sturdy and durable. 
  • Great for guitars, banjos, and other stringed instruments. 
  • Comfortable to wear. 
  • Classic and vintage look. 
  • Great for strumming or fingerpicking. 



  • May need to try a few sizes out to get the right fit. 

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Best Adjustable Pick 

Fred Kelly Picks Bumblebee Teardrop – Medium 

The Fred Kelly Bumblebee Teardrop picks are made with high quality delrin that will last for years and won’t wear as quickly or sound as sharp. 

The natural sound from the strings is buttery smooth and hardly ever harsh. 

Fits well in your hand, fully adjustable so you can get just the right angle, and easily rotational for easy access to higher frets. 

One of its most unique features is combining a flat pick and thumb pick into one (no more switching guitars!). These Fred Kelly Picks will make guitar magic really easy!

The pick itself can be adjusted with a rotational ability for ease of use as well. You get 3 per package, including medium gauge picks (.74mm). 

This unique combination allows it to be both flat or thumb style at the users choice with full adjustability!

Sometimes you may experience too much flex which could be harder to control at time. However, for the price these are worth checking out. 



  • Flat and thumb pick all in one. 
  • Comfortable and adjustable fit. 
  • Budget friendly. 
  • Great for acoustic and electric guitar. 
  • Smooth and noiseless release on strings. 
  • Comes in a pack of 3. 



  • Too much flex. 
  • Can be hard to control at times.

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Buyers Guide 

Can you use a thumb pick to play electric guitar?

Playing an electric guitar with a thumb pick is possible, and there are many benefits of doing this. 

For one thing, it will make the chords sound fuller than when played without a thumb pick.

Secondly, using your thumb allows you to avoid having to change your hand position between fingerpicking and strumming which is difficult for people who have arthritis or other conditions that limit their movement in their hands. 

The only downside as far as I can tell is that you won’t be able to do natural harmonics because they require the use of two fingers at once.

How is a thumb pick useful for playing the guitar?

Thumb picks are an excellent tool for customizing how you play and making it easier to learn chords.

The thumb pick is a  common tool used in playing the guitar, but many people do not know what they are or how they work.

If you are really wanting to focus on fingerstyle, then a thumb pick may be the route you want to go.

If you are a beginner and are adapting to chord changes AND trying to use your fingers then it may be a challenge. 

Playing a guitar without a thumb pick can also be painful. The thumb pick allows for greater control over the strings, being able to play both bass and melody simultaneously with one hand. 

A good thumb pick will also dampen excess string noise making it easier to hear what you are playing.

How difficult is it to learn how to use a thumb pick for a guitar?

It is not as difficult to learn guitar with a thumb pick. 

The most important thing you need to do when learning how to play the guitar is just practice. 

Practice makes perfect, and in this case it will make you a better guitarist so that it won’t be as challenging for you anymore.

The best way I found to start out was by using some simple chords like A, D, E, G, C or Am (A minor). 

You can use your index finger on the fifth string and your thumb on the sixth string and then strum downward.

 If you’re having trouble with switching chords because of the pressure from holding down both strings at once try moving your index finger over one fret higher than where it originally was.

How do you strum a guitar if you’re using a thumb pick?

If you are using a thumb pick to strum your guitar, it is important to know the difference between a downstroke and an upstroke. 

The downstroke will be more forceful than the upstroke, which should have enough force so that you can hear it but not too much as to make noise with the strings. 

In general, try and keep your right hand in contact with the neck of your guitar for an even sound when playing.

When are guitarists using thumb picks?

Many guitarists find that using a thumb pick can be beneficial to their playing. 

Most people use the thumb pick for rhythm playing, and it is most often seen in country music and folk tunes. 

It’s very common among bluegrass players as well. 

The sound of a thumb pick on a nylon string will usually produce less clacking than fingers, which are sometimes prone to this when they slip off the strings or if you’re really going for some intense strumming or picking techniques.


If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to play your favorite songs on guitar with just two fingers, you might want to consider using a thumb pick. 

This small piece of plastic can make all the difference in your playing and help you sound more like real life or professional players that use this technique. But before diving into purchasing one for yourself, there are some things about how they work and whether or not it will be right for you as an individual player. 

First off, many people find the change from only using two fingers to three – including their thumb – difficult at first but often find it easier after practicing and getting used to it over time.

The next thing is finding out if the type of music you typically play would benefit from

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article and learned a few new things about guitar thumb picks. 

If you are interested in picking up the habit of using them, we recommend that you try out some of the different ones we mentioned above.

It may take some time to get used to playing with these on, but once it becomes second nature they can be really helpful when it comes time to play single-note melodies or chords. 

Let us know if you like using guitar thumb picks in the comments below!

Thank you and remember to always HAVE FUN! 

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