Guitars Under 1000

Best Guitars Under 1000 Dollars – Our Top 10 Picks

In this post we will review the best guitars under 1000 dollars

So you saved up some money and you want to purchase more than just a starter guitar. You want something that will last you a long time. You’ve come to the right place! 

Best Guitars Under 1000

We know that buying a guitar is an important decision with many factors to consider. 

There are so many different types of guitars, and it can be tough to decide what the best option would be for you.  

We’ve compiled this list of the best guitars under 1000 dollars that we think will meet your needs! 

We will talk about all their features and of course discuss the pros and cons of each. 

Best Overall Electric Guitar Under $1,000

Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster 

How can you go wrong with one of the most iconic guitars of all time? 

Get live sound instantly with the Fender Nashville Telecaster, a professional-quality instrument specifically designed for country guitarists. 

The vintage vibe of this beauty is unmatched by any other electric guitar on the market. 

Not only does it have an astounding look which will turn heads wherever you go, but 12″ fingerboard radius ensures your notes are easy to bend without fretting out in those high octaves. The 5-way Strat-o-Tone switching gives you the power to find just the right sound to match your mood. 

Two vintage Tele pickups and a single vintage Strat pickup provide some major versatility when paired together on stage, while locking tuning machines keep you from ever having uneven tone outs. 

The Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster will always sound great, no matter what you play. 

The switch gives a whole new world of options to explore; this guitar not only does country and bluegrass well but is the perfect versatile instrument for all genres! 

You’ll never get tired of its versatile tone because it’s perfect for any genre. 

All of these features allow you to learn every style from blues and jazz to classical without ever feeling like your instrument restricts you. 



  • Classic Telecaster design.
  • 3 pickups. 
  • 5-way switching. 
  • Tele and Strat pickups for vintage tone. 
  • 6-saddle bridge. 
  • Versatile for all genres. 



  • Pickups are noisier than expected. 

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ESP LTD EC-256 Electric Guitar, Black

This ESP LTD model is absolutely stunning to look at. It’s just a beautiful looking guitar. The EC-256 model has that classic single-cutaway design and the black with the gold hardware is so pleasing to the eyes. 

Featuring ESP designed LH-150 passive pickups which is perfect for Heavy Metal and, of course, shredding. 

These guitars have a set neck construction and body along with three controls for volume and tone and a three way toggle switch. 

ESP’s feature high quality craftsmanship and a very affordable price make this is a perfect main guitar for your metal playing. 

With a thinner neck and easy access to the high frets it’s ideal for heavy music. The high treble switch will give you a great solo sound especially when the distortion kicks in. 

The LTD has 22 jumbo frets, your hands will be loving the ability to play comfortability on the neck. Tuning is very stable on this guitar so when you tune it, you will be amazed. 

The strings that the guitar comes with may be too heavy for a guitarist’s liking, but you can also change those out. 

Even though this looks like a Gibson Les Paul, there are differences. For example, the body is thinner and it’s a little lighter. 



  • Amazing price 
  • Beautiful craftsmanship. 
  • Classic single-cutaway design. 
  • Jumbo sized frets. 
  • Thin and lightweight. 
  • Easy to play neck for shredding. 



  • Strings may be too heavy depending on the guitar player. 

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Best Overall Acoustic – Electric For Under $1,000

Martin Guitar Road Series D-10E

The Martin Guitar Road Series D-10E is a zesty, robust guitar made for any player. 

It utilizes combed woods to deliver clear and precise high range notes while being able to plumb the depths of full bass tones on top of that. 

The soundboard resonates with an airiness complemented by it’s bright tone that sounds rich and full no matter what genre you choose. From rock-n-roll to folk, this beauty can play anything you throw its way!

This guitar isn’t just about looks though–it also packs some serious punch in construction with a mortise and tenon neck joint that offers extra stability over your playing session, as well as scalloped X bracing which provides improved projection at every frequency.

It’s made from the highest-quality wood, looks gorgeous, and sounds even better! 

The tone is crisp with powerful overtones. 

We love how versatile this guitar is – perfect for rock, country or folk music. 

Fully equipped with Fishman MX-T electronics (with a built-in auto mute) it’ll sound great every time you play. 

Plus the neck joint is mortise and tenon which provides an unprecedented level of sustain matched only by instruments costing much more. 

Combine all that with some beautiful mother of pearl pattern fingerboard inlay that we’re sure will be admired both onstage and offstage, and this D10E guitar is truly stunning!

We believe musicians deserve musical accompaniment equipment as unique as their music.



  • Clean and crisp tones. 
  • Easy playability. 
  • Built to last.
  • Perfect for rock, folk, and country. 
  • Fishman electronics.  
  • Dreadnought style. 



  • May need a proper set up. 

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Seagull 048595 S6 Classic Black Acoustic Electric Guitar

I’m a little partial to Seagull guitars as it’s the main acoustic guitar that I use. I think they are extremely underrated.  

The Seagull 048595 S6 Classic Black Acoustic Electric Guitar is a great option. 

With its black semi-gloss finish and the sound that will resonate to your core, it’s no wonder why you’ll be hooked with a single strum!

You can even plug right in without any need for an external box thanks to this acoustic electric guitar’s built-in preamp, which is sure to provide you with excellent quality sound every time.

With its intense black semi gloss top and black washed back and sides, this guitar will reel you in with its great playability coupled with an array of signature sound features that set it apart from the pack. 

Made to resonate to your core thanks to the vibrant solid cedar top, mixed with Wild Cherry body for optimum tone, this instrument ensures bone conduction won’t be a problem! 

To sweeten the deal, add Seagull’s Custom Polished Finish which includes nitrocellulose lacquer through American swamp ash or white oak stain on both neck heel and FSC certified Southern Yellow Pine fingerboard.

If you want more information on Seagull Guitars, head on over to our article on the S6 model right here: Seagull S6 Guitar. 



  • Made in North America.
  • Double action truss rod. 
  • Godin electronics. 
  • Slim neck. 
  • Cutaway design for easy fret access. 
  • Clear and clean tone. 



  • Cedar tops are prone to pick scars. 

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Best Electric Under $500

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar

Available in black cherry, all black, and white, this guitar is gorgeous.

These guitars feature a set-neck and a quilted maple top. With locking tuners, rosewood fingerboard, and gothic cross inlays, you will be in the mood to play metal in no time. 

The EMG active pickups are designed for maximum flexibility and gives you a very fat sounding tone. 

They sound great in regular humbucker or single coil mode. 

With lots of punch, aggressiveness, and clarity, this makes it a perfect guitar to lead the way in your metal band. 

If you want to drop the tuning to D, C, or even B….then this guitar will be able to handle it. 

Turn the volume up on this guitar, get some high gain going, and you will experience a fantastic tone that, when matched with an easy playability, makes this a great guitar for your musical needs. 



  • Slim and comfortable neck. 
  • Able to get a full range of clean and distorted sounds. 
  • Split humbucker and single-coil capabilities. 
  • Great sustain and articulation. 
  • High quality tuning machines. 
  • Gothic cross inlays on fretboard. 



  • String gauge may need to be changed due your likeness. 

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Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar

This guitar is perfect for smaller players or anyone else who wants the traditional semi-acoustic elements but not the traditional size. 

The maple top, back and sides, mahogany neck and two ACH humbucking pickups deliver everything from jazz tones to rockabilly timbres. 

The Ibanez AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar also features a slimmer profile that’s easy to handle for kids just learning their first chords, adults with physical limitations or any player who prefers something more manageable than a larger instrument. 

It’s lightweight, slim design, maple top and mahogany neck give it all the warmth and richness of the classic sound with some modern updates that make it easier to play. 

This guitar was designed for musicians of all experience levels. 

It has a classic semi-hollow sound with a small neck that is perfect to fit any hand size. 

So, if you’re not into the big and bulky guitars or find them difficult to transport, this one’s for you!

Get your hands on Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar and get rockin’.

It’s also budget friendly too!



  • Double-cutaway. 
  • All maple body. 
  • Rosewood fretboard. 
  • Slim profile. 
  • Great for everything from jazz to rockabilly. 
  • Smooth and easy to play frets. 



  • Semi-hollow guitars will experience some feedback. 

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Best Acoustic Under $500

Guild Guitar M-240E Troubadour

The Troubadour is a smaller bodied and more mellow model. 

With its mahogany back and Sitka spruce top, this instrument creates just enough volume to be heard over you or your fellow performer’s voice during intimate performances. 

Whether you need to play with a musician on stage, in the studio, or in an ensemble setting for school, this is the perfect choice providing excellent projection and balanced tone quality at all levels of performance.   

The M-240E also features Guild’s popular FolkTone rosette pattern with its traditional designs that will never go out of style while showcasing their meticulous detail work. 

The Guild guitar M-240E Troubadour is the perfect instrument for a musician who wants to enjoy the rich tones of classic tradition. 

It has a strong focus on old folk styles, and features an impressive back balance and sound that will just about sing for you. 

This guitar is easy to travel with so you can take it anywhere. 

Kick back on that hardback Spruce top for ultimate fingerpicking and strumming enjoyment.



  • Take it anywhere. 
  • Great for folk music and finger picking. 
  • Warm and rich tones. 
  • Holds tuning well. 
  • Quality craftsmanship. 
  • Easy to play. 



  • Smaller body size. 

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Best Classical Guitar For Under $1,000 

Cordoba C9 CD/MH Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

The Cordoba C9 offers you the choice between a solid Canadian cedar top or solid European spruce. 

This guitar is a great option for acoustic classical guitars, with its responsive soundboard providing louder tones and better tone quality than other models in this price range. 

The rosewood fingerboard gives it a one-of-a-kind appearance. 

There is also an inlaid Mother-of-Pearl rosette, which offers a touch of style that no one else will have on their guitar! 

Lightweight mahogany back and sides provides good resonance and makes the instrument more balanced when acoustically amplified.

As serious classical guitarists, you want your instrument to be as perfect sounding and responsive as possible. 

The Cordoba C9 is built with the choice of a solid Canadian cedar top or solid European spruce top with solid mahogany back and sides. 

With a soundboard which responds louder, the guitar produces a better tone too. 

Need something special? Simplify things inlay-wise by choosing the Mother-of-Pearl “Esteso” Rosette hand inlaid on your guitar’s neck. 

Rosewood fingerboard and Indian rosewood bridge rounded out this beauty to bring it right into playability for you today!



  • Easy playability. 
  • Rosewood fingerboard. 
  • Mahogany back and sides. 
  • Cedar top. 
  • Mother-of-Peak Rosette. 
  • Great for beginners and intermediate players. 



  • Action may be high 

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Best Electric Guitar Under $1,000 – Strat Style 

Fender Player Stratocaster HSH Electric Guitar – Pau Ferro

The Fender Player Stratocaster HSH Electric Guitar is a smooth guitar with very comfortable features, like the neck and body. 

It’s lightweight and features great sound quality, high performance vibrato bridge/tailpiece system for playing authentic tremolo effects, upgraded electronics package with 2 humbucking pickups and 22 separately controllable frets!

The Player Strat is a perfect blend of traditional styling and modern features – like the synchronized tremolo bridge, medium-jumbo fretboard radius, and two hot alnico humbuckers. 

The Fender Player Stratocaster is great for easy playing and aspiring musicians. 

Designed to give you effortless playability and for every note to ring out clear as day.

This guitar is an excellent choice for novice players because it features Alnico pickups and great tone maintainers. 

With its body design is a unique blend of vintage and modern features, this instrument will turn heads wherever you go – either solo or with your bandmates on stage! 

The sleek elegance combined with the perfect mix of heritage from days gone by make this guitar one of a kind!



  • Blend of vintage and modern features. 
  • C-shaped neck. 
  • 22 jumbo frets. 
  • Alnico humbuckers. 
  • Chrome hardware. 
  • Easy playability. 



  • Action may need to be adjusted. 

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Best Les Paul Style Under $1,000

ESP LTD EC-256FM Electric Guitar, Cobalt Blue

When it comes to guitar tone, this guitar is hard to beat. 

The Mahogany body and 3 Pc. neck gives you a solid foundation for clean tones or over driven rock ‘n roll mayhem. 

The roasted Jatoba fingerboard adds some extra crispness while the fret work along with sealed passive pickups will keep your sound clear for years to come. 

So whether you’re jamming on some blues, crossing over into classic rock or going all in on progressive rock, this instrument will keep up with you every step of the way!

The LTD EC-256FM Electric Guitar is a guitar with versatility and style that most musicians will love. While not as pricey as some of its counterparts, the sound quality is unbeatable. 

From blues to progressive rock, this guitar will suit any type of music you play with its Mahogany body and 3 pc. neck design, as well as roasted jatoba fingerboard and flamed maple top. 

It features covered passive pickups, set-neck construction, 22 jumbo frets, white dot inlays on the rosewood fretboard for comfortability while playing; this is one guitar that won’t let you down! 

We recommend this awesome instrument for aspiring musicians who want professional level equipment without spending top dollar. 



  • Budget friendly. 
  • Roasted fingerboard and flamed maple top. 
  • LH-150 Humbuckers. 
  • Push/pull tone pot. 
  • Great for all styles of music. 
  • Easy playability. 



  • Coil splinter knob could be of better quality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Now let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions in our buyers guide. 

What to look for in a more expensive guitar?

I don’t know about you, but I think $1,000 is a lot of money and if you’re going to spend that amount on a guitar, then the research needs to be done to ensure you’re making the best decision. 

There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right guitar. 

The most important factors include sound, feel, and price. A more expensive guitar will be made with better materials than a cheaper one – which makes it sound better and feel nicer to play. 

What is your budget? 

What kind of music do you want to play on it? 

How much time do you plan on practicing each day? 

You should also think about how much tension there is on the strings and if they are wired straight through or if they have a cutaway (acoustic guitars) for easier access to certain notes on the fretboard.   

A few other tips include making sure that your headstock isn’t angled too far back and looking out for any cracking in the lining of the guitar body as this could be an indication of problems down the road. 

These are all important questions to ask yourself before purchasing an instrument! 

Should I buy an acoustic or electric guitar?

If you are a guitarist of any level, it can be difficult to choose between acoustic or electric guitars. 

Both types have their own pros and cons, and it is up to the individual player to decide which one best suits their playing style. 

Acoustic guitars typically produce a warmer tone that some may prefer for certain styles of music while electric guitars offer greater variety in sound options and effects. 

Acoustic guitars are great for strumming chords because they have a mellow sound to them. 

They also give off the feeling of being more “natural” than electric guitars (which some people say is better). 

On the downside, acoustics are not as flexible in terms of effects and amp options like their electric counterparts so it could be difficult to achieve certain sounds.   

Electric guitars on the other hand offer much more flexibility in terms of effects and amps, but don’t produce as

As with any instrument choice, the most important thing is choosing an instrument that makes you happy!

Which is better, a Stratocaster or Telecaster?

First, it’s important to know the differences between these two iconic models. You can head on over

to our post on the Telecaster vs Stratocaster for all the information you need. 

At the end of the day, they are both great guitars. 

The choice of guitar is often a personal preference. A Stratocaster to me is more versatile, but the Telecaster has a warmer tone.” 

Both guitars are excellent choices for different styles of music.  

The tone of both guitars are very different, but if your goal is to play country music then the Telecaster would be best because it has a twangy sound that will allow for those Country sounds. 

If you’re looking for more of an electric guitar with distortion and heavy rock tones, then go with the Stratocaster. 

It’s lighter weight and cleaner sounding while still having some grit in its tone which makes it perfect for rock and metal styles. 

Should I buy an acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar?

For more information on acoustic-electric guitars, you can check out our ultimate guide right here: Acoustic-Electric guitar guide. 

If you are just starting out then an acoustic guitar is a good place to start. 

There’s nothing like the sound of an acoustic guitar and it can be easier for beginners who don’t know how to use their fingers for chords on an electric guitar. 

There are many factors to consider when deciding which guitar is best for you.

Acoustic guitars produce a more authentic sound and their tone can’t be replicated on an electric guitar. 

However, if you want more versatility with your music, go with an acoustic-electric. You’ll have the best of both worlds!

Also, if you’re looking to play in a loud setting at a club or gig, the volume of an electric guitar will prove much more effective for your performance than that of the acoustic counterpart.”


We hope you’ve found our blog post review helpful in finding the best guitar under 1000 dollars. 

Whether you’re looking to buy an electric, acoustic, classical, Strat or Les Paul style of guitar we have reviewed our top 7 picks and highlighted their pros and cons so that you can make a more informed decision about which one is right for you. 

If you’re in the market for a new guitar, we hope this article has given you some insight into what to look out for. 

The best advice we can give is to not have this be a stressful experience. Researching what your hands will be playing to create awesome sounds should be fun and enjoyable. 

All the guitars we have mentioned before are great and we truly hope that this has at least given you a starting point. 

What are your thoughts? 

Which style will work best for you? 

What have you been researching?

What other questions did we not answer? 

Let us know in the comments below!

As always, thank you so much for visiting and remember to always HAVE FUN! 

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