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The Best Headless Guitar for Rocking Out: Reviews and Guide

If you are looking for a headless guitar, then this post will be your guide. 

On appearance, the headless guitar seems as if something is missing and that’s because it is. 

If you’re wondering what’s the difference between a headless and traditional guitar, we will cover that below. 

Also we are going to look at some interesting headless guitars and go overall all the details including the pros and cons. 

Headless Guitar vs Traditional 

Headless guitars use a zero fret metal ‘nut’ just like a normal fret to play open notes, providing you with the same sound across all of the frets and eliminating any buzzing due to loose strings. 

These are pretty cool guitars and some players have even stated that they are much more comfortable (not easier to play) in your hands. 

For these guitars, the neck-end nut is used for tuning purposes only. 

The string must travel until it reaches another headstock at which point it enters through slots in its channel, thus reducing tension on both sides more evenly.

Headless guitars are an option for guitar players who don’t like to tinker with their instruments.

They look cool and different from traditional acoustic or electric guitars because they lack a headstock; the tuning machines are instead placed at one end of the guitar body in an elongated slot. 

This means that if you like them, then it’s worth checking out how to play one — otherwise there isn’t much going (that’s different) for these unconventional instruments! 

Due to this design decision, many people think that playing a headless guitar will be easier on your hands/wrists due to less tension from strings pulling down against gravity when not anchored by stringing up over the neck as with conventional designs (you can also change those double-end strings faster).

Best Overall Headless Guitar 

EART Headless Electric Guitar (closed double coil)

The EART Headless Electric Guitar has all the functionality of a traditional six-stringed electric, but with less technical configuration and more simplified connections, which makes it easy to play music from an early age.

Tap into the power of this futuristic-looking electric guitar that’s perfect for beginners and pros!

The carbonized African redwood xylophone body provides a strong, compact surface to amplify sound. 

The curved 5P maple and redwood fretboard makes fingering chords easy with its ergonomic design while the 24 stainless steel frets let you explore scales for solos. 

This instrument also sports Indian rosewood at its 9 & 14th position frets. Simplistic but well designed, this product will have players sounding amazing in no time. 

This guitar is also relatively budget friendly. 

Setup is easy, and fret edges are smooth, so change out won’t be an issue either. If you want a really great playability with lots of power in tone and precision in chord length, this might be just the guitar for you!

It includes an anti-drop three-ring snap output interface to minimize the risk of any slip ups, a comfort alpha 500K potentiometer, American Spitz 223J capacitors for tone generation, 1046 strings that produce a clear sound with minimal fret buzz, high-gain pickups to facilitate bright overtones and rounded edges on all frets so your fingers don’t get scratched up. 

All in all it’s a great purchase for playing anywhere from punk rock to jazz!

If we had to mention anything, we noticed that this guitar was slightly buzzy on the high end notes. 

The notes at the first fret are already a little off in pitch from where they should be and the bridge can use an eventual upgrade. 

Overall though this is a cool looking (and futuristic) guitar. 



  • Great sounding pickups. 
  • Quality craftsmanship. 
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard. 
  • Fixed headless bridge. 
  • Comfortable to hold and play. 
  • Easy to adjust. 



  • Slight string buzzing on high end. 
  • Bridge could use an eventual upgrade. 

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EART Headless Electric Guitar (open double coil) 

EART Headless Electric Guitar (open double coil) offers a crisp and transparent sound that brings a clean pleasant mood to your ears. 

There isn’t much difference between this guitar and the one we mentioned above. This model has an open double coil as opposed to the closed double coil and fixed bridge

The electronics are surprisingly good, especially for the price of the instrument. The tuner stability has been so great not one guitar has been off tune yet! 

There is room for improvement for example with some tuning knobs possibly being interchangeable on more expensive models.

You’ll also find that the tuning stability is also a great feature which is great for not worrying about this going out of tune. 

With that said, the features are basically the same along with the pros and cons featured below. 



  • Great sounding pickups. 
  • Quality craftsmanship. 
  • Indian rosewood fingerboard. 
  • Fixed headless bridge. 
  • Comfortable to hold and play. 
  • Easy to adjust. 



  • Slight string buzzing on high end. 
  • Bridge could use an eventual upgrade. 

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Best Headless Guitar Under $600

Asmuse Foldable Travel Headless Electric Guitar 

This headless guitar offers something that most other guitars don’t: protection for the guitar strings. It also means that it’s not easy to slip out of tune. 

With a foldable body, you can get a smaller instrument to travel with you or just enjoy in your home. When unfolding it becomes a regular-sized electric guitar so that you can play away!

The perfect guitar for musicians on-the-go, and honestly this is good for a primary guitar. 

You’ll enjoy its versatility—from classic clean tones to all sorts of overdrive sounds. 

It’s also a great practice partner with its headphone output that drives planar magnetic open backs nicely and is like listening to a good amp’s cleanest channel. 

And when you need to tune up? Simply switch back to the 2nd or 3rd position string and adjust your tuning from there. 

This foldable travel headless guitar is easy to use and carry with you anywhere. Play whenever, wherever!

The aluminum body looks so cool and most important, it’s more durable for all your long distance traveling adventures.

The glossy necks do take some getting used to and the pickup selector is in a place where your hand would normally rest. 

Other than that, this is a pretty cool guitar.  



  • Great for travel. 
  • Clear and clean tones. 
  • Built-in headphone amplifier.
  • Rechargeable battery (play up to 8 hours).
  • Cool and slick look. 
  • Lightweight. 



  • Glossy necks take some getting used to. 

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Traveler Guitar 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar

The Traveler, perfect for all your jet-set adventures.

Full 24 3/4″ Scale Electric Travel Guitar Built-in headphone amp with clean, boost, overdrive & distortion. Aux-in for jamming with your mobile device.

This electric guitar is great for those who travel (did we mention it fits in an airline overhead storage bin?).

Assemble, tune, and play out of the box.

Don’t be afraid to hit that high note only available on an expensive acoustic guitar with this Traveler Guitar. 

The pick ups and onboard electronics make up for anything you can’t do on your own as well as providing hours of entertainment jamming along with your mobile devices through the aux-in input. 

Tonally rich with amazing sustain and clarity thanks to not being overly heavy or having extra strings, this 6 string solid-body electric guitar will meet all of your needs whether you want to focus on tone or just get playing right away.

A travel guitar that does everything a big expensive one can do. 

Ruggedly built to take the bumps and bruises on your world trotting adventures, but don’t let this durable traveler fool you- it sounds amazing too! 

With slick on board electronics (think an iPod), recording guitars has never been easier or more convenient. 

Whether you’re blazing through the airport terminal, gearing up for some impromptu concerts at home or abroad, or just want music anywhere without lugging around your regular six string- all of these tasks are handled by our affordable electric travel guitar with no fear of dropped tunings in between sessions. 

What’s even better is the deluxe gig bag included that fits neatly in any overhead bin and protects against dents and scratches.



  • Full 24 3/4″ Scale. 
  • Take anywhere. 
  • Headphone amp built-in. 
  • Gig bag included. 
  • Available in red, gray, blue, and green. 
  • Clear tone. 



  • Not the first choice for recording. 
  • Electronics can use an upgrade. 

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Best Headless Guitar Under $300

Traveler Headless Acoustic-Electric Guitar

We have another “travel” headless guitar but this also satisfies your acoustic-electric needs! 

 It’s lightweight and small, so you can pack it in your luggage or backpack while traveling the world. And when you’re at home, it’s still ready to go because of its great sound and easy playability! 

The neck design also provides tons of sustain which makes every note ring out true. Whether you’re playing a festival up on stage or just rocking out backstage, this guitar will have something to offer both in terms of quality and comfortability!

Speaking of the neck, it’s constructed from Eastern American hard Maple for strength and durability; it’s also seamlessly attached to a resonant basswood body with our one-piece through-neck design. 

You get loud, full sound that won’t disturb other flyers in the vicinity, courtesy of a 24 3/4″ Scale and passive electronics. 

This guitar features a Piezo pickup with standard 1/4″ Output, an in-body tune-ment system, removable lap rest for sitting down at home style playing or on stage performance or practice sessions without luggage mishaps. 

Save precious time by traveling lighter, and enjoy the convenience of this guitar. 

It comes fitted with a versatile gig bag, neck adjustment tools, as well as easy access tuning keys to add even more life to your open strings!



  • Full scale. 
  • Lightweight at only 2 lbs. 
  • Maple neck-through body design. 
  • Features piezo pickup. 
  • Includes a gig bag. 
  • Removable lap rest. 



  • Tone doesn’t sound full at times. 
  • Fret buzz. 

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Best Headless Bass

Ibanez EHB1000S Ergonomic Headless Bass 

Creativity without limits. 

Comfort and portability in one bass body! Ibanez’s EHB1000S ergonomic headless bass means no more troubling about a tilted neck, balance or stability problems when playing the instrument while standing up.

But don’t be fooled by its pretty looks, this babe is here to rock your face off. 

It’s sleek and comfortable for the player with a 5-Piece roasted maple/walnut neck with graphite reinforcement rods. 

A roasted birds eye maple fretboard medium stainless steel frets American basswood body and Bartolini® BH2 pickups is also a nice feature.

This bass’ slanted body back, specially designed body, and ergonomic shape allows the performer to maintain a similar playing position whether seated or standing. 

Additionally, its headless construction enables players of different heights to remain in an optimal playing position when seated or standing. 

With a slanted body back and comfortingly rounded edges all around, it’s not hard to find what you’re looking for with this bass! 

With just a slight change of hand placement on the fretboard from sitting to standing position, this little innovation will allow any player with confidence in their abilities to take center stage. 

The Ibanez EHB1000S offers a rich tonal experience no matter what strings are being played or how long they’ve been tuned. 

This Ibanez Headless Bass is sure to be comfortable for any player. 



  • 5 piece roasted maple neck. 
  • Stainless steel frets. 
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Bartolini pickups. 
  • Slanted body back. 
  • Chambered body. 



  • Takes some getting used to due to the slanted neck. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the point of a headless guitar?

There is not much in the way of difference between the headstock guitars and headless guitars. 

However, there are some differences worth noting. For example the tuning becomes easier with the having the tuners on the body as opposed to the tuning machines. 

On a conventional guitar, you basically cross your arms to reach them.

Headstock guitars are also not the most balanced. The neck tends to drop and the support by the fretting hand is important. 

The placing of the tunes from the neck and putting them on the body helps with this overall balance. 

For luthiers, they also do not have to focus their design and construction based on a strap bottom. A headless guitar will allow the luthier to design body shapes without this factor. 

How do you tune a headless guitar?

The tuning machines are your source to tune a headless guitar. 

The difference is that the tuning machines are positioned at the bottom of the guitar and behind the bridge. 

As we know by now, the headstock guitar has the tuning machines up top and located behind the nut. 

Depending on the guitar, the tunes can work a little differently. Some have a screw design as opposed to the traditionally worm-gear design. 

At the end of the day though, you tighten, twist, and loosen them. 

Do headless guitars need special strings?

Today you can use regular strings on a headless guitar.  

Some of the “old school” headless models (Steinberger) use strings with balls on both ends (double-balled).

Why are there guitars with no headstock?

The headless guitar guitar was created by Mr. Ned Steinberger. 

His intent was to create the traditional way to tune instruments. It also wasn’t just for guitars and basses but also classical instruments. 

Do headless guitars stay in tune better?

Do headless guitars stay in tune better?  

Headless guitars are a type of electric guitar that does not have a traditional headstock. This design makes it easier to play with the guitar on your lap, because you don’t need to worry about knocking the headstock against anything. 

The lack of a headstock also provides some other benefits as well. For instance, without an exposed face, it’s harder for dust or debris to get inside and affect how strings sound or cause interference with electronics.  

So do they stay in tune better than their traditionally-designed counterparts? 

That depends entirely on the person playing them and whether they prefer this style of construction over others. 


The headless guitars we discussed are a modern take on the classic styles that gave them their name.

Headless guitars are the perfect choice for those who want to rock out while also staying in tune. 

We’ve reviewed some of the top models and discussed what they have going for them, so you can find one that is right for your needs. 

Headless guitars are also a great option for guitar players who want to rock out without the restricted movement of a traditional headstock. 

They allow you to play in different ways, and some people find them easier to learn than traditional acoustic or classical guitars

The headless design also has its advantages – but at the end of the day they aren’t too dissimilar to their traditional and more common headstock guitar. 

Much of the preference is just a matter of if you like the actual look of a guitar without the headstock.

For some there s a style aspect to something like a headless guitar and for some it works!

We hope you found this blog post helpful! What do you like about headless guitars? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Remember to always HAVE FUN! 

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