The Seagull S6 guitar is one of the most steady selling acoustic guitars on the market, but it’s still often overlooked

In this post we’ll cover why that is and offer a complete review with all of the information you need to know about this great instrument! 

The Seagull S6 offers an amazing sound at an affordable price. This means that it’s not just for beginners who are looking to try out guitars before investing in something more expensive. It has everything professional players want: quality craftsmanship, beautiful tone woods, and enough variety in pickups to suit any style or genre. 

What sets it apart from other entry level guitars? The Seagull S6 offers better tuning stability than most other entry level models; easier fret playability, and a high quality build that makes it a wise investment. 

Why Are Seagull Guitars Overlooked?

Seagull guitars are underrated because they are not Martin or Taylor! Simple as that! 

Most guitarists want to work up to eventually getting the highly coveted Martin or Taylor and I totally get that. However, in the process some companies and guitars get overlooked and Seagull is one of those. Martin and Taylor are also made in the USA which again gains appeal among guitarists. 

Seagull guitars are made in Canada. This fact is something that the average person may not be aware of when looking for guitar made in North America. 

High Quality

The key to Seagull’s  tone is the woods used and how they are crafted together. They’re made with a Cedar top, Mahogany back and side, Rosewood fingerboard, and high-gloss finish for sound quality that’s unmatched in their price range. 

Their craftsmanship is also impeccable – even at first glance you can tell that the guitar has been well built by hand. 

And unlike some other brands that use cheaper materials or shortcuts in construction, Seagull guitars are fully handmade using traditional woodworking techniques like carving tops on cedar spools with draw knives! 

All of these things combine to make an instrument worth checking out if you’re truly interested.

Seagull Guitars Review 

Unfortunately, Seagull guitars are often overlooked by guitarists. This is regrettable because they provide a great value for the money with features such as: quality tonewoods, set-in necks and solid craftsmanship. We hope these reviews of the S6 model will help you to understand why Seagull guitars are worth considering!

Best Overall Seagull S6

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Limited Edition Tennessee Red

Our best overall is the S6 in limited edition Tennessee Red. With a 1.82” nut width, the strings are spaced out to make playability easy. 

The Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar features solid cedar top with select pressure tested wood to withstand heavy playing. The double action truss rod will help you tune up the guitar, making it easy for you to adjust the neck if needed. 

There is a rubber grommet inlay on the back of the headstock which prevents the guitar from slipping off the strap and also saves your expensive finish from damage.

Seagull guitars are built entirely out of North American or Canadian materials with lifelong quality control ensuring each instrument will produce true tone.

Experience Blues and Folk sounds with this unplugged acoustic guitar that features a Select Pressure Tested Adirondack top, traditional dreadnought shape, tapered headstock for precise tuning. 

The famous Seagull neck shapes enable easy playability and provide durability for years to come. Minor TV Jones Double Truss Rod provides better intonation than most guitars in its class. The compensated tusq saddle makes it easier to use open tunings.



  • 1.82” nut width. 
  • Cedar top. 
  • Double action truss rod. 
  • Also available in blue and natural. 
  • Stays in tune. 
  • Great to experiment with open tunings. 



  • Smaller headstock

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Best Seagull S6 On A Budget 

Seagull Coastline S6 Slim CW Spruce QI Guitar

This Seagull Coastline guitar looks and sounds great. 

It features a select pressure tested solid spruce top paired with 3-layer laminated Canadian wild cherry back & sides to form a rich, crisp acoustic voice with superb dynamics, projection and volume. 

Double Action Truss Rod ensures perfect balance and relief is set up correctly so your guitar stays in tune longer too! 

This comes with a tusq nut and compensated saddle for better intonation – it’s ready out of the box! Your tone will be clear and resonate without feedback or noise coming from within. 

The slim C profile design offers easy playability as well as comfort when you are playing for a long time on stage or sitting around making music at home too. 

This guitar has a  beautiful and simple design with its straight body and natural wood grain finish. 

It has a slim neck that feels both fast and comfortable to play, making it the perfect instrument for beginners or seasoned players. 

As this guitar ages, it will produce a more authentic acoustic tone than any other guitar on the market today. 

It also features an open cutaway design which allows you to reach every fret on the guitar without strain. You can see why this guitar is worth taking home!



  • Made in North America.
  • Double action truss rod. 
  • Godin electronics. 
  • Slim neck. 
  • Cutaway design for easy fret access. 
  • Clear and clean tone. 



  • Cedar tops are prone to pick scars. 

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Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar

The Seagull S6 Original Slim Guitar is the slimmest of their models yet and offers a new playing experience. 

The Slim series has an original dreadnaught body, pressure-tested cedar in the top, wild cherry sides and back – all with a lustrous lacquer finish. 

With this guitar you’ll find more comfortability as well because of its tapered neck to make it easier for your fingers to maneuver gracefully across!

This model was created with durability in mind. 

The slim S6 Original Slim Guitar from Seagull will take all of life’s bumps (and bangs) like a champ; especially with how they are crafted. 

This guitar is perfect for any guitarist who has been looking for a new instrument or a newbie.

You’ll enjoy playing this guitar’s pleasant voice and the way it quickly dampens reverberations so you can concentrate on your playing and keep in tune. 

It also sounds great when amplified, as the sound seems to vibrate into whatever space it’s in rather than dissipating like an acoustic guitar would.



  • Revamped Slim model.
  • Pressure-tested cedar top. 
  • 1.72” nut for easy playability. 
  • Semi-gloss finish. 
  • Bold yet simple look. 
  • Great and balanced tone.  



  • Top is prone to scratching. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now let’s take a look at some frequently asked guitars about Seagull Guitars! 

Do Seagull guitars have wide necks?

Seagull guitars have a wider neck than most other brand acoustic steel string guitars. 

The width at the neck is just one detail that gives insight as to how far apart from each other the strings are.  It also help you to know whether or not it will be easy for you to finger chords on your guitar, pick out melodies with your fingers or strum them with an open hand when playing music.

A musical instrument is a very personal experience for both the person playing it and those listening. It’s important to not only be able to listen, but also feel what you are hearing through your hands as well!

Are seagull guitars good for beginners?

We think so! 

Seagull guitars are very well known for their beautiful and rich sound that is also full of character. 

They do not compromise on quality but they still offer an affordable price point. This makes them perfect for beginner players who want to invest in something high-quality without having to break the bank first.    

If you’re looking to purchase your first guitar then this is one to consider. 

What do professional guitarists think of Seagull guitars?

Good Question! I’m not sure that I can speak for all professional guitarists however, I can share what some people I admire have told me throughout the years.

They told me that Seagull guitars have a reputation for being one of the best value-for-money options in high-quality acoustic guitars. 

Most guitarists appreciate that Seagulls are made with care and attention to detail. The sound is also unparalleled at this price point. 

They are also a great option for the guitarist on a budget. They’re affordable and durable, built to last.  

What’s the difference between spruce and cedar wood? 

Guitars are made out of different types of wood. It is important to know the difference between spruce and cedar woods for your guitar because each type will produce a different sound. 

Spruce wood creates an even, bright tone with a lot of clarity. Cedar wood creates a warmer, rounder tone with less brightness. 

It is very difficult to compare the two woods as they are both strong and have different tonal qualities. 

Spruce has a brighter tone while cedar wood is darker. 

Cedar wood tends to be denser for heavier playing, but it also has more natural oils than spruce which can make it easier to play with if you’re not used to the stiffness of the wood. 

As a Seagull owner myself, I’d say the only critique I’d have about the Cedar tops is they are super sensitive to guitar pick scratches. However, it gives your guitar that extra personality. 

Be aware when you purchase your next guitar because it’s not always clear which type of wood the guitar is made from! 

Do acoustic guitars sound better as they age?

According to Acoustic Guitar Magazine, acoustic guitars sound better as they age because of “changes in wood density and compression.” 

This means that the guitar’s body becomes more resonant and responsive as it ages. 

In addition, there are a variety of factors that contribute to an acoustic guitar sounding its best. These can include string tension, neck relief (how far away from the body strings are), action height (distance between strings on fretboard) and saddle height. 

These all affect how well a guitarist can play their instrument so if any of these change over time then this will also affect the way your guitar sounds.

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a guitar that is priced well but sounds great, we hope our Seagull S6 review has helped you perhaps make that decision easier. 

The Seagull S6 has been a best seller for a while and with good reason. 

The Seagull S6 guitar is an overlooked acoustic instrument that has a great sound and the perfect friendly price point. 

It’s also made in Canada, which we love! 

Let us know what you think about the guitar line in the comments below! We hope you enjoyed our Seagull S6 review.

Thank you for reading and always remember to HAVE FUN!!!

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