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Best Takamine 12 String Acoustic Guitar: Our Top Picks

Are you looking for the best 12 string acoustic guitar? 

In this post we are going to hone in on the Best Takamine 12 String Acoustic Guitars

Some people might not know what a 12 string guitar is, it’s simply two six strings that are tuned in octaves. 

The sound of the 12 string acoustic guitar is very warm and full. 

If you’re looking for an instrument to play fingerstyle blues or folk music on, this may be a good option. 

Takamine 12 String Guitars 

It’s difficult to find the best Takamine 12 string acoustic guitar because there are so many different models, but we have done all the hard work for you by reviewing and ranking some of our favorite guitars. 

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive option or a more high-end instrument, we’ve got your back with this list of the top Takamine 12 string acoustic guitars on the market today. 

We’ll discuss some of the different models that we recommend as well as their pros and cons so you can make the best choice possible when purchasing your new instrument!

Best Overall 12 String Acoustic Guitar

Takamine G Series Jumbo Cutaway 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Sunburst

There’s nothing that quite matches the rich sound of this 12-String acoustic guitar. 

Music purists swear by it for its lush and robust tone, so put away your lighter strings and get yourself an electric Takamine to fill even the largest concert halls with music. 

A Solid Spruce Top on this beautiful Cutaway G Series is complemented by Flame Maple Back and Sides, producing all the warm tones you’re looking for in a jumbo 12-string model. 

With features like traditional rosette embellishments, we know you’ll fall in love with this guitar after just one strum! 

You also get some neat extras thrown in too: slim mahogany neck provides a great feel while playing.

This Takamine GJ72CE-12, the 12-string answer to all your Jumbo needs. 

With this acoustic guitar you’ll be able to hit those low B notes, with ease and confidence. 

The TK-40D preamp system gives you a built in tuner so that melody never bends out of tune. 

Plus tone options like three band EQ for ultimate versatility and sound quality, gain controls for proper crunch levels, mid contour switch; notch filter and EQ bypass switch will allow for any desired sound effects while plugged in or simply when amplified by the onboard electronics. 

Play it like an everyday guitar or use it as a backup when on stage.



  • High quality craftsmanship. 
  • Good tuners.
  • Built-in tuner.
  • Easy playability. 
  • Great projection and intonation. 



  • Wider neck can be challenging with smaller hands. 

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Best 12 String Acoustic Guitar on a Budget 

Takamine G Series 12 String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Black

It’s a Takamine GJ72CE-12, the 12-string answer to all your needs. With this acoustic guitar you’ll be able to hit those low B notes, with ease and confidence. 

The TK-40D preamp system gives you a built in tuner so that melody never bends out of tune. 

Plus tone options like three band EQ for ultimate versatility and sound quality, gain controls for proper crunch levels, mid contour switch; notch filter and EQ bypass switch will allow for any desired sound effects while plugged in or simply when amplified by the onboard electronics.

With its premium features and outstanding sound, this acoustic-electric guitar won’t disappoint. 

The G Series 12 String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar has a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides for rich, resonant sound with a 3-band EQ electronics system that includes a built-in tuner. 

If you are ready for any performance situation. 

It has a great feel and playability with a superior sound

The solid-top construction, soft Venetian style cutaway, 3 band EQ and gain controls, rosewood bridge, synthetic bone nut and split bridge guitar makes this guitar worth a second look! 



  • Great value for price. 
  • Built-in tuner. 
  • Solid spruce top. 
  • Easy playability. 
  • Great for a variety of music genres. 
  • Crisp and sharp sound. 



  • Thin sound as you get to the higher frets. 

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Takamine 12-String Dreadnought, Brown Sunburst

This Takamine GD30CE-12 is a stage worthy acoustic guitar with features that aid you in any situation. 

With a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides, the sound resonates beautifully for some delightfully rich tunes. 

The built-in tuner and 3 band EQ will help keep you in touch with the rhythm of things whether on or offstage, while the ovangkol bridge, synthetic bone nut, pearloid rosette & dot inlays bring out every note. 

Built for both amateurs and pros alike!

The GD30CE-12 Takamine Acoustic/Electric 12-string guitar has been designed with the stage player in mind, and will provide its owner with years of reliable performance. 

The symphony of sound created by this instrument is a result of quality craftsmanship and some features not quite common to guitars in this price range.



  • Budget friendly. 
  • Mahogany back and sides. 
  • Beautiful rich tone. 
  • Built-in tuner. 
  • 3 band EQ. 
  • Great for beginners. 



  • Action may need to be adjusted. 

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Best Takamine 12 String Bundle 

Takamine 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar with Hard Case & Accessories 

This whole package is perfect for dreadnought 12-string acoustic guitar players. 

The EF381SC has a beautiful black finish and features a solid spruce top, laminated maple back and sides, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with 1.825” nut width (nitrocellulose lacquer finish), CT4B II electronics system with 3-band EQ (high & low shelving vocals/lead bass -treble -booster bass) which includes the built-in tuner that can also be used as an auto chromatic tuner . 

The 4 pick sampler pack will let you find your favorite picks to play on this axe. Included in this package is the great Takamine hard-shell case that stands tall and sturdy. 

The Takamine EF381SC 12-String Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar is an excellent option for the do-it-yourself musician who wants everything in one package. 

With a black finish, this guitar has a solid spruce top with laminated maple back and sides. The mahogany neck gives you classic dreadnought sound while the rosewood fretboard offers traditional playing techniques. 

This guitar bundle also comes with accessories including medium light 12-string guitar strings, universal folding acoustic stand, suede strap, polishing cloth and hard case so that you’ll be ready to rock at your next gig!

Takamine guitars are known for their versatility and stunning sound, all of which are on display in this package. 



  • Everything you need in one bundle. 
  • Comes with Takamine hard case. 
  • 4 pick sampler. 
  • Guitar strap. 
  • Polishing cloth and strings. 
  • Folding acoustic stand. 



  • Not budget friendly. 

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Takamine Signature John Jorgenson 12 String Acoustic-Electric Bundle

Your guitar will truly ring like the angels when you get a Takamine JJ325SRC, designed in collaboration with guitarist extraordinaire John Jorgenson. 

The gloss red finish appeals to many people and is coupled with solid spruce on top for power and bubinga backing that brings out shimmering upper midrange delight. 

Plus, gold tuners bring even more clarity and an ivory button on the keyboard inspires beautifully emotive backups of chords live or on recording. 

Comes with Hard case, pick sampler as well as a suede strap makes it comfortable to play at gigs. 

This bundle also includes a polish cloth to keep your shiny new possession clean!

With an acoustic rich in tone with powerful features like stainless steel saddles and a maple bridge for intonation adjustment, this guitar will never disappoint. 

The built-in tuner makes strumming easy for anyone with the desire to be able to hear all their great licks come alive while playing!

This Signature bundle is perfect for the guitarist looking to step up their game, with a deep and powerful voice from its spruce wood body.

As an acoustic-electric guitar in this ever-growing era of live amplified sound concerts, this Takamine delivers excellent sound for both acoustic and amplified performances. 



  • Beautiful red stain.
  • Rosewood fingerboard. 
  • Comes with a hard case. 
  • 4 pick sampler. 
  • Polish cloth. 
  • Comes with a folding guitar stand. 



  • Not budget friendly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

If you made it this far then that means you are seriously considering a 12 string guitar. 

In our buyers guide below, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about guitars so let’s get started! 

Is buying a 12 string acoustic guitar worth it?

This question is one that many guitar enthusiasts ask themselves. 

If it’s worth the money to buy a 12-string acoustic, then why would you want to? 

What are the advantages of having a 12 string acoustic guitar over just having an ordinary standard 6-string acoustic? 

The answer is quite simple. A lot of people like being able to have more tone options available for their music. 

They also often find that they can do things with the lower strings on a twelve string that might not be possible on other guitars because of the wider range between frets and increased tension in those strings. 

For these reasons, buying or considering buying a 12-string acoustic may be worthwhile for some people. 

Can you string a 12-string acoustic guitar with two packs of acoustic strings?

Absolutely not and it will cause the guitar to break. 

The strings on the guitar are tuned differently. The second string is an octave higher than the first, and so it has a different tension which can only be found in specialty packs of strings for guitars.

We cannot stress this enough: if you put two sets of standard strings on a twelve string that is not specifically built for it, the tension risks snapping one or both of these thin chains in half!

Are 12 string guitars worth it?

A 12 string acoustic guitar is a type of acoustic guitar that creates rich, deep tones. 

They are heavier than a traditional 6-string and while they can be more difficult to play at first, the sound of a 12-string can’t be matched by any other type of guitar. 

The tone is much deeper and richer with this style as opposed to a 6-string acoustic. 

If you are interested in adding some depth to your sound then it’s something to consider. 

Do 12 string guitars sound better?

I’m not sure if 12 string guitars sound better as that is a personal preference.

I can tell you that they’re a lot louder than 6 string guitars. 

The 12 string guitar is a beautiful instrument. 

The sound produced by the strings can be haunting and ethereal, resonating with an almost human quality. 

When you play a 12 string guitar, it’s hard not to feel like you’re transmitting your soul through the instrument.”

Can you use a capo on a 12-string acoustic guitar?

A capo can be used on a 12-string acoustic guitar but you will need one designed specifically for it. 

The strings of an acoustic 12-string are closer together and when you use a regular capo to raise the pitch, it will not be able to support the tension. 


We hope that our reviews helped you in your decision process. 

From the Takamine 12 string guitar reviews to frequently asked questions, you should have a good understanding of what these guitars are and how they compare with other acoustic instruments.

The Takamine 12 string acoustic guitar is a beautiful instrument to play. They have been around for a while and continue to be one of the most popular guitars in America. 

If you are looking for an easy, yet elegant sounding guitar with a full range of sound then one of these Takamine guitars may just be your next purchase. 

With it’s rich sound and tone, you’ll love to be able to create and craft your songs with a guitar like the ones that we have reviewed above.

12 string acoustic guitars are great to have in the arsenal of your guitar collection. 

If you are like me and love to do home recordings then it’s great to have options in case the songs you are writing will need a hint of a 12 string. 

If you’re still unsure about which model is right for you or need some help deciding on one, let us know in the comments below as we are more than happy to help and guide you. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Remember to always HAVE FUN!

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